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Planning Your Sober Vacation

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If you have children or preparing to return to school yourself, you know that we’re in the final countdown before summer is over. If you feel like this summer just got away from you, don’t worry: you still have a few weeks left to take advantage of the warmth and sunshine! Going on a mini vacation before the routine kicks back in a great way to boost your energy and motivation for what’s to come. However, vacationing doesn’t mean taking a break from your sobriety, too. Here’s a few tips for planning your sober vacation:

Location, Location, Location!

Odds are your last minute mini-vakay won’t be very far from home, but that’s okay- actually, it might be the best thing you can do. Being familiar with the area helps you map out what areas are safe to explore and where you should steer away from to protect your recovery. Stay away from cities known for their hard-partying reputations; instead, try finding unique hidden gems to experience something new. Have a creative project you’ve been thinking of, but haven’t had the time? Grab a hotel room for the weekend, put your phone on silent, and get to it! (Not a bad idea for reconnecting with your partner, either.)

Build Your Itinerary

Itinerary probably makes you think about flights and hotel check ins and strict schedules- but they’re also great for planning your sober vacation. While some people may find them stressful, itineraries help you plan out your time to reduce stress caused by surprise hiccups. Your sober vacation will run much smoother when you divide your time evenly to get all the things you want to do done. Don’t be afraid to stray a bit if the fun inspires you to do so as long as what you’re doing is conducive to your continued sobriety. Your itinerary is a guideline, not set in stone.

Pick Your Travel Buddy Wisely!

While travelling alone can be fun and enlightening, having a friend come along for your first sober vacation helps enhance the fun and strengthen your commitment to staying on the right path. Having a friend come along with you also gives you a chance to enhance your bond and show your appreciation for their support and encouragement thus far. Plus, splitting costs will give you both a little extra spending money for trinkets and memorabilia to commemorate your mini sober vacation together. Be sure the person you choose is responsible and considerate of your feelings and needs.

Where’s your dream sober vacation destination? Leave it in the comments!

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