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Mother Overdoses on Heroin and Flips Car- With Two Sons Inside!

You know, we’ve done a lot of reports about mothers struggling with substance abuse and the impacts it has on their children, but I don’t believe we’ve ever covered a story quite like this. Let’s set this up a bit: when you decide to take your children with your while running a few errands, what do you pack? Depending on how old your children are, it may include a few snacks, some emergency changes of clothes, or a few toys and books. For yourself, you may grab a quick breakfast, some coffee, your keys, and your wallet, right?

Chances are, heroin isn’t a part of your daily prep. Unfortunately, addiction changes the way we look at everything- including the safety of our children.

Two parents in Hamilton County, Ohio learned the impact of their substance abuse on their children the hard way when they both overdosed on heroin while driving on I-74, flipping the vehicle after striking two trees. Did I mention that their two sons were in the back seat at the time?

The mother, 27 year old Amanda Gordon was charged with two counts of child endangerment, operating a vehicle under the influence, driving without a license, failure to maintain control, not wearing a seat belt, and possession of paraphernalia. Oh, that reminds me- Gordon was ejected from the car on impact. Thankfully she survived and her children were unharmed. They have been placed in their grandmother’s custody, as the father also faces charges stemming from the accident, namely not wearing his seatbelt and for an outstanding felony warrant.

According to Gordon, she and her children’s father, Clayford Wilson, 27, both injected heroin before beginning their trip. The accident was caused by both adults occupants of the vehicle overdosing while driving down the freeway, careening off of the road and ultimately flipping. Emergency responders administered Narcan to stop the effects of the overdose, saving their lives and rescuing the eight and ten year old boys from inside.

If those poor boys weren’t scarred before, they are now. (Thankfully not physically.)

What kind of protections should we implement for the protection of children of people actively abusing drugs? Let us know in the comments!

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