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Justice Reinvestment for Addiction Treatment Saves Texas $443 Million

The Lone-Star state has accomplished what we can only dream of the entire nation embracing: justice reinvestment for drug addiction. Presently, as you well know, drug offenders and addicts are arrested for their addictions, essentially. Thus, the endless cycle of addiction, using, and incarceration ensue on a grand scale- Texas challenged that by implementing state funded drug treatment programs for nonviolent drug offenders, effectively reducing their incarceration rate, and jailing expenses. In doing so, Texas has saved $443 million by simply giving addicts the treatment they need, as opposed to imprisoning them, according to Nepr.

This type of system has been termed Justice Reinvestment, and has similarly been adopted by Washington, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama. Justice reinvestment is intended to improve public safety, curb criminal justice related spending (jailing and arrest costs), and figure out effective ways to reduce recidivism. Nepr reports over a dozen states are considering adopting justice reinvestment programs for the well being of their states, in an effort to treat the underlying disease of addiction and cut state costs in the process.

Justice reinvestment roughly follows a predetermined plan: craft policy solutions which help diminish the prison population while reducing costs, invest in saving plans which work to address addiction (and other safety concerns) and work to reduce recidivism by treating addiction (and like social problems) at their root. Once these three things are established and set into place states should see an increase in public safety and reduction in incarceration because those would-be offenders receive the help they need to stay on the right side of the law.

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