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Job Interviewing: Making a Good First Impression

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Finding employment in recovery benefits your new lifestyle in a number of ways: financial security, structure, opportunities for career and personal growth, etc. Having the responsibility and structure of going to work everyday helps to keep your focus on positivity and growth. If you’re in the market for employment, mastering these 5 job interviewing tips can land you the job of your dreams!

#1: Be Punctual and Prepared

Making the best first impression starts long before you even meet your interviewer. Rather it’s a job fair or a scheduled individual, being well-prepared for your interview is key to making lasting impression. Keep your resume fresh and up-to-date, plan your commute ahead of time, and set out appropriate attire. Be sure you allow yourself more than enough time to get to your destination early– at least 15 minutes. This gives you extra time in case there are pre-interview steps to complete. The last thing you want is to make your interviewer wait on you.

#2: Make the Best First Impression

Your interview begins the moment you enter the establishment. If you are seated in a waiting area for your interviewer, be sure you continue to hold yourself accordingly: sit quietly and respectfully, be patient, and be courteous to others. You don’t want to accidentally make a bad impression on your co-workers or potential boss.

When your interviewer is ready to see you, be sure you make eye contact and give a firm handshake and smile in greeting. This breaks the ice and shows your appreciation for the job opportunity. As one of the most important job interviewing tips, the first 60 seconds sets the tone for the remainder of the interview.

#3: Answer Questions Thoughtfully and Concisely

The questions posed to you while job interviewing are specific to the qualities your future employer is looking for: they want an employee that is a good fit for the current team and can help the company reach it’s goals. Be sure you understand what is being asked of you and your answer is clear, concise, and thoughtful. It’s okay to take a moment to think about your answer; try to provide examples of a situation in which you exemplified the qualities they are looking for.

The question phase of a job interview is your time to brag- you are selling your skills and abilities as an employee, after all! If you’ve received special recognition in previous jobs, mention them: it helps you stand out in the crowd of other job seekers. You can also talk about your personal ambitions and relate them back to why you would be a good fit for the position you’ve applied for. Even if you just want to gain more work experience, employers want to know you are motivated by more than a paycheck.

#4: Be Attentive and Respectful

During my time as a hiring manager I can’t tell you how many times I disconnected from a potential employee because of their attitude. If you are just going through the motions or already have an “I don’t want to be here” attitude, it’s easy to pick up on that. Don’t give your future employer a reason to feel like their time is being wasted. Sit up straight, limit your nervous fidgeting, and show them you’re paying attention. Before the interview even begins ensure your phone is silenced and do not answer it if it does ring during the job interviewing process. Speak respectfully and in turn; ask for clarification if you need it. All of these things maintain engagement and boost your chances of being hired!

#5: Know When to Follow Up

The reality is you won’t be your interviewers only prospect for the position- you likely aren’t even the only interview they will have that day. Follow up calls serve to help remind your potential employer of who you are, keeping your name in the race. Typically at the end of your interview you will be told a time frame during which you can expect to hear back about the position. Typically this is about a week after your interview. It’s okay to place one follow up call during this time and one once it has passed, but allow at least two days to pass before your first call. While you wait, continue applying for other positions so there’s no stall in your job search.

Keep these tips in mind and best of luck in your job interviewing ventures! Do you have any tips to add? Leave them in the comments!

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