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Harbor Village Gets Ready to Launch Three New Addiction Treatment Tracks: Mature, Intensive, Newcomers

Harbor Village provides comprehensive addiction treatment in Miami.

We take a lot of time to cover the latest studies in addiction, self-help articles, and points of interest in the addiction community- but sometimes we forget to mention ourselves a little. Harbor Village is a drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation center all in one. Our mission is to help people with substance use disorders shed ties to their addictions and live their lives they were meant to be experienced.

Individualized addiction treatment is our specialty, but soon we’re taking it one step further. Our instrumental Clinical Director Dr. Jo-Anne Bliss is the brains behind our treatment tracks. In order to better taper our group sessions- and even housing- we’re introducing three new treatment tracks revolving mature populations (30+), those who have a history of relapse, or a co-occurring mental health condition who need intensive attention, and those who are just beginning their journey to recovery for the first time.

We’ve decided to start our Focus Track program (treatment for 30+) first. All clients in our Focus Track are housed on a separate campus than their peers in recovery, and focus on age appropriate topics during group, some may include:

  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Family relations
  • Managing and sustaining a job
  • Applicable life skills
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Changing environments of abuse

If you’re familiar with our homepage, you know we accept most major insurances. Our most distinguishing feature from other detox and rehab centers? We have both all in one. When our clients finish a comfortable, lightning fast detox from drugs or alcohol, their case managers can admit them into our inpatient rehabilitation programs immediately.

We make it simple, because we know recovery is already hard enough.

Not just a residential facility, we have a successful intensive outpatient rehabilitation program (as well as a non-intensive option). Our clients can experience the entire continuum of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in our one facility- all the way from the inception of detox and the stepping stone to independence in our beachfront sober living community.

Take a moment to meet our team, or download our eBook on the phenomenal staff who change the lives of hundreds everyday.

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Here’s an excerpt from Our Philosophy:

“We believe recovery is an intimate process between our classically addiction specialists and patients suffering from untreated substance use disorders. Harbor Village provides the pinnacle of affordable healthcare for all socioeconomic members equally. We know understanding the origin of abuse is as crucial as breathing.

Harbor Village makes an emotional investment in each of its patients to ensure every recovering victim receives the intensive care we would expect for ourselves. Hand in hand, Harbor Village guides its patients in the battle to triumph over the disease of addiction.

Self medication is often overlooked by the industry. It is not enough to treat drug addiction alone. Substance abuse is a symptom of hidden despair. We help our patients unravel the confusing turmoil causing abuse.”

Feel free to read our Mission Statement– it’ll only take you 30 seconds.

Programs of Harbor Village

Inpatient Medical Detox

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Sober Living Community

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