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5 Facebook Recovery Support Groups to Join Today!

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Having support through your recovery journey is important. Unfortunately not everyone has a strong family or friend network to fall back on to provide that support. Thankfully there are some places within the recovery community where you can always find acceptance, love, and encouragement- even if you can’t physically reach them.

While in person support groups are still the best for maintaining your focus on your recovery, finding an online community that understands your experiences and encourage your growth can be a powerful tool. These online recovery groups connect you with others who are walking the same path, providing instant support and reassurance when you need it most. You already spend so much time online and on social media sites like Facebook, so here are 5 Facebook recovery support groups you should join- today!

The Journey Together

This online recovery support group is a fantastic, warm and welcoming community of truly uplifting people. The group is closed for your privacy, but just request to join and you should be added within a few hours. Once you’re in, feel free to share your experiences and ask questions- this community is very active and provides helpful advice. Be sure to follow the group’s guidelines and keep your posts positive and uplifting, interact with others who are posting, and find the connection you’ve been missing.

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The Recovery Spot

Facebook recovery support groups should be more than a place for talking about our struggles. Focusing on the negatives can lead us into a downward spiral. That’s why The Recovery Spot is such a great group to join: it provides a platform for seeking support, but also provides supplemental educational content and resources for getting help if you need it. Joining The Recovery Spot gives you the additional support you may need after completing treatment.

Grateful Addicts in Recovery

If you’re looking for a recovery support group on Facebook that’s about inspiration and keeping you motivated and dedicated to the journey, Grateful Addicts in Recovery is that group. This is where you can get daily doses of inspirational quotes, motivational content, and a place to celebrate your triumphs in recovery. Celebrate the milestones- even the small ones. Join today and allow the positivity to boost your spirits.

Recovery Moms

Parenting is tough enough without the added stress of maintain a sober lifestyle. That’s why this group is so important: mothers in recovery need a little more support and guidance. Join other mothers who understand your unique situation and can help give you tips and advice for juggling both aspects of your life. Because the mothers in this group have families ranging in ages and sizes, you can get advice from more experienced women and embark your own on newer mothers. Together in a community of non-judgement and love, you can be the best parent you can be.

Addiction Recovery Revolution

This Facebook recovery support group is a well-balanced combination of all the things we seek from support groups: encouragement, educational material, inspiration, and advice. Addiction Recovery Revolution unites us all under the common goal of long-term sobriety. Providing relapse prevention, resources for seeking treatment, and an open and inviting space for getting advice and support you need.

Remember: these Facebook recovery support groups aren’t a replacement for in person treatment or counselling. Use these online resources to help supplement your journey.

Do you belong to an online recovery group? Shout them out in the comments below!

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