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Deryck Whibley’s Recent Alcohol Battle

Deryck Whibley posts photo of himself in the hospital, May 2014. DERYCK WHIBLEY[/caption]As reported by CBS News in the article “Deryck Whibley Posts Alarming Photos, Opens Up About Alcohol Battle” (5/20), the famous singer from the band Sum 41 has admitted that he has a drinking problem and how he just got out of an intensive care unit. He admitted that he was drinking continuously until he passed out before he arrived at the hospital. Now that doctors have told him he cannot even have one more drink or he will die, Whibley has now committed to focusing on his career and getting better.

Harbor Village, a luxury drug and alcohol detox centerlocated in warm Florida, is a treatment facility that is experienced and successful in treating people for both alcoholism and drug problems of all kinds. With its upscale and interactive environment, clients receive constant medical supervision, relaxing spa treatment, and the help they need to get back on their feet. Every client who comes to Harbor Village will get to experience a warm, welcoming environment complete with access to the Internet, a Netflix subscription, amazing and healthy food, beautiful, private rooms, and much more. Each client will receive a personalized help plan.
“Alcoholism can grab a hold of anybody, not just famous singers such as Deryck Whibley,” said the head of Harbor Village. “When it comes to an alcohol addiction, we encourage everybody to seek help before the problems spiral out of control. Many people who suffer from a drinking problem also suffers from depression, fatal health issues, injuries from accidents, and sometimes even date rape.” The head of Harbor Village went on to comment, “When people see famous singers, their role models, such as Deryck Whibley, they get the message that drinking is okay and it’s what successful people do. However, the truth is far from that. It is actually the opposite. Deryck Whibley almost lost his life. Unfortunately, many people lose their lives to alcohol every day.”

The mission state of Harbor Village is to assist people from all walks of life with their addictions. For the last year, the peaceful and quiet environment of harbor Village has helped make positive impacts in their lives. For the years to come, they hope to continue to help others see the light in their lives. Those who are looking for a safe, supervised, and peaceful detox process can get everything they are looking for and more at Harbor Village. Here, the goal is to help every client be happy, healthy, and ready to move on to the next step of his or her life.

For more information, visit: or call the 24/7 hotline 1-855-338-6900.

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