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Meet the Candidates for Broward County Sheriff

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While the nation is rallying in what has to be one of the most intense presidential campaigns of recent memory, smaller, more local elections are getting overlooked and glossed over. That oversight can be disastrous, leading to low turnouts to local government voting polls and lack of community input regarding what happens within our cities, county, or state. The presidential election may be the most important in the country, those elected into local offices have the most direct impact on your everyday life.

Especially those running our police forces.

Tensions are at an all time high between law enforcement and civilians regarding police brutality, unnecessary use of lethal force, and distrust. People demanding answers and accountability from our police departments, and with most of the country gearing up to vote for new or returning sheriffs and commissioners it’s important we learn their stances on the most pressing topics: police brutality, body cameras, open weapons carrying, among others.

If you’ve been following our social media accounts, you know that we had the opportunity to attend a forum hosted by Broward College in which the candidates running for Broward County Sheriff of police were able to directly address the public and answer their pressing questions.


Let’s start with the introductions, shall we?

Willie Jones

Residents of Broward County have probably seen Willie Jones’ name repeatedly throughout the years. Dedicated to serving Broward communities for over 40 years of his life, Jones began his career as a police officer in the 1980s as a patrol cop. Through his experience he has worked to unite and serve communities across the county, participating in a myriad of events, volunteering, and mentorship. During that time he also took notice of the disparencies between current policies and the needs of the people. His campaign focuses on “bringing policies to the 21st century.”

Jim Fondo

Jim Fondo is also a life-long public servant of Broward county. Beginning his own 30 year police career at the age of 19, Fondo is a graduate of Broward College who went on to earn his Master’s Degree as well as attending the prestigious FBI National Academy. Fondo also served as the Chief of Strategic Investigation before his retirement. The focus of his campaign is financial responsibility and removing the “over political” focus within the Broward Sheriff’s Department and returning the money back to where it is most beneficial.

Edison Jules

Hailing from Ohio, Edison Jules has the unique experience of being a former police chief and former CEO of a mental health care company called Health Care Partners. In coming to South Florida, he recognized a great need within underserved communities, especially those inhabited by minority groups. He has and will continue to work toward bridging the gaps between needs and resources with the communities. His campaign focus is “fighting for the voiceless and the needy.”

Reasons for Candidacy

When asked, each candidate presented their own views and intended resolutions to the pressing concerns of Broward’s citizens. Beginning with the obvious question of why they were running for the position of Broward County Sheriff, they answered in turn:

Jules expressed that he was called to serve others, and through his experience working with and uniting troubled communities, he is ready to embrace the public and return the focus to deputy service and involvement within the community.

Fondo’s love for Broward County as his lifelong home as well as his own experiences and observances drove him to recognize a need for real change within the Broward County Sheriff Department, beginning with addressing fiscal irresponsibility and shifting the office’s direction from politics back to public service.

Jones has made a career of his journey to the position of sheriff. He recognized and is ready to fulfill the need for leadership and re-establishing trust within our communities by standing against the status quo and shifting focus back to community service rather than community oppression.


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