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The Amygdala May Affect the Effectiveness of Drug Rehabilitation


Understanding the amygdala in the brain may be an essential key to providing exceptional drug rehabilitation treatment in top rehab centers. The amygdala is responsible for managing and processing emotions like pleasure, pain, and anger. (Did you know that people with enlarged amygdalas are more likely to burst into violent outrages?) The amygdala can create addictive desires when stimulated. For instance, an intense craving for sugary foods may be attributed to stimuli for the amygdala. The Journal of Neuroscience published findings of the results of amygdala stimulation in lab rats, according to the Medical Express.

A professor of psychology at the Wesleyan University of Conn. was quoted saying, “One reason [amygdala stimuli] can be so problematic for certain individuals is their ability to become almost the sole focus of their daily lives, at the cost of one’s health, job, family, and general well being.” Top rehab centers may be at a disadvantage without further research into the amygdala’s ability to creative addictive habits. The equilibrium of reward avenues allow people to maintain healthy lifestyles, yet when factors jeopardize this balance, it causes unusual addictive behaviors.

Top rehab centers can better understand how to treat drug addiction intrinsically by studying the biology of the brain’s structure and its response to pleasure. In fact, the entire populace would benefit from understanding the biological triggers of addiction, as it would elucidate the nature of drug addiction as a disease, as opposed to an active choice. The rats studied by the university whose amygdala’s were stimulated when they received a certain surgery reward exhibited unnatural addictive behaviors, as opposed to when they were introduced to an equally sugary substance without amygdala stimulation.

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