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3 Ways to Help a Loved One Get Help For Substance Abuse

One of the most layered dilemmas surrounding drug abuse is knowing someone who needs help, and not being able to convince them to go to rehabilitation therapy. The Huffington Post recently published a list of suggestions for loved ones to help speed along the healing process. We have a few ideas of our own, too.

Take care of yourself first. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the problems of others, and drug addiction is no small feat to overcome. Without the proper training, drug addiction can be an almost impossible struggle to tackle alone. Despite your noble intentions, substance abusers can only be effectively treated by medical professionals. So help yourself help your loved one by contacting a rehabilitation professional.

Try to be understanding. Drug addiction has been linked to genetics and individuals predisposed to addictive behavior. Oftentimes drug addiction isn’t a choice, it’s a biological necessity. There will be times that you will struggle to understand your loved one’s condition. There will be times that you will say, “This is your choice.” You may call them a “junkie” or an “addict.” Make an honest attempt not to, as this only serves to brood ill feelings between you two. Accept drug addiction for the disease that it quickly grows to be.

Encouragement. Sometimes the grips of addiction coat everything in a shade of black. Remind your loved one that their addiction is not the summation of their character. It’s been proven that those recovering from addiction who are actively participating in hobbies, sports, and are cultivating talents (perhaps in the arts or sciences) are less likely to relapse. Rejuvenate their potential by providing them with the mental encouragement to succeed, and take their focus away from their addiction.

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