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Investigations into Ashley Olsen’s Murder Hint at Possible Cocaine Use

  • Investigations into Ashley Olsen’s Murder Hint at Possible Cocaine Use

    Investigations into Ashley Olsen’s Murder Hint at Possible Cocaine Use

    The death of Ashley Olsen marks yet another tragic death of 2016. When I first read the headlines, I assumed the media referred to the famed Olsen Twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen; as someone who grew up watching the Olsen twins star in several tween movies- and of course playing with their dolls- the thought of Ashley Olsen’s death felt Investigations into Ashley Olsen’s Murder Hint at Possible Cocaine Use imagesurreal- like I’d lost a long-lost childhood friend. After digging into the investigation I discovered Ashley of the Olsen twins was not the victim of murder, but Ashley Ann Olsen, who was a student of art and fashion. Before the end of her life Ashley moved to Italy, a lifelong dream of hers finally fulfilled.

    Olsen was found dead by her landlord, who was prompted to check her apartment by a concerned phone call from her boyfriend, Federico Fiorentini, according to the Lawyer Herald. Investigators have confirmed Ashley Olsen was strangled with an unidentified object. The last to see her alive, and who is captured on camera entering her apartment, Cheik Tidiane Diaw, has been arrested and awaits trial.

    Ashley was found dead in her bed, skyclad, with her beagle pacing the apartment, according to the Daily Mail. Before her death, Ashley spent time in Montecarla Club, known for seedy patrons, drugs, and things illicit by locals. Pending lab results, investigators are waiting to see if Ashley tests positive for illicit substances. Lab reports confirm Olsen engaged in intercourse- to which Diaw asserts was consensual.

    In light of Diaw’s claims, Ashley’s family contests the nature of their intimate relation, as Olsen was taking an antibiotic for a “severe bladder infection,” and would not have pursued any sexual intercourse in light of the painful nature of her condition. CNN quotes the Olsen family,

    “If it is true, as the authorities declared during a press conference, that Ashley was under the influence of alcohol or other substances, then any type of sexual activity that she might have had that night was not consensual.”

    Diaw claims he and Ashley were under the influence of “a lot of cocaine and a lot of alcohol,” according to The Guardian.  Diaw claims he did not strangle Ashley, and that she was alive when she threw him out of her apartment. However, he does admit to pushing her “twice on the floor,” after being thrown out after sex, as stated in the Lawyer Herald.

    Investigators made the arrest after finding Diaw’s DNA on a condom and a cigarette butt in Olsen’s apartment. Investigators assert Diaw took Olsen’s cellphone; Diaw says he used her phone to call for help after the incident. The cellphone has yet to be recovered. Investigations into Ashley Olsen’s Murder Hint at Possible Cocaine Use image

    We have lost another bright light in our world of haze. May Ashley find peace in her next life, and her family members, who are still with us, be blessed with peace and love in their darkest hour. Despite allegations of drug use, nothing excuses murder. Ashley was not “asking for it,” nor is she responsible for facilitating the events of the night she was slain.

    Many will contest- if the lab results confirm the presence of illicit substances- she created her own fate. Some will say she deserved what happened to her. Of course, all assertions of this nature are ridiculous. We may not have a concrete defense against wagging tongues, but we can at least affirm ours will never be one of them.

    We are not in a position to judge anyone but ourselves.


    Featured Image: Ashley Olsen by Tweakle licensed under CC by 2.0.

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