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Yanio B.

  • Yanio B.

    Yanio B.

    The role of Chief Medical Officer in a rehabilitation facility is vital to the success of a program. A Chief Medical Officers is responsible for the quality and effectiveness of medical care in a rehabilitation facility. They are the overseers of the nursing staff and the facilitators of medical treatment programs. Chief Medical Officers are in regular communication with the doctors who conduct evaluations and prescribe medications and other medical treatment. From here the Chief Medical Officer enforces the procedures necessary to execute the recommended treatments. In rehabilitation facilities, Chief Medical Officers are also responsible for the implementation of emergency protocol.

    Yanio Brunely, Harbor Village’s Chief Medical Officer, is the man with a plan. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and 20 years of experience, Yanio is courteous and professional while also demonstrating a compassion and altruism that lends well to his field of work. Level-headed and even tempered, Yanio supervises the nursing staff and all medical undertakings as advised by Dr. Carlos Satulovsky.

    As the head of the medical staff, Yanio explains the intake process for clients entering treatment at Harbor Village Detox:

    “New patients to the facility undergo examinations to determine the program we will put them on from a medical standpoint. The doctor is responsible for evaluating patients to determine their detox program and medication dosages. The doctor makes determinations regarding their health and treatment and there is also a follow-up exam with a psychiatrist. A few days into treatment the doctor will do another exam to make sure the patient is okay; if they are feeling ill they must see the doctor within 24 hours. The doctor determines if any changes need to be made to the patient’s treatment regimen and we execute our work based on his findings. Of course the nursing staff is here providing 24 hour monitoring and care for patient support and in case of emergency. We take the health, safety and recovery of our patients seriously.”

    At this point, Yanio and his staff work meticulously to ensure the safety and comfort of Harbor Village’s clients. Bursting with pride, Yanio explains that his favorite part of working for Harbor Village is working with a team he handpicked and crafted for optimum effectiveness.
    The nurses and nurse practitioners under his authority are devoted to their patients, understanding and sympathetic while remaining focused on the ultimate goal of purging the body of its toxins and dependencies. Confident and united for this common goal, Yanio says his team is unique in a field that requires a special kind of care.

    “We know the most important goal is at the end when we know a patient who came in here because they needed help got the help they needed. Our goal as health care professionals is always to help people that really need it. It doesn’t matter the motive or situation or how many times they’ve been here, we know at this point they need our help. When they knock on the door, they need help.”

    With two decades under his belt, it’s clear Yanio has the heart of someone that truly wants to make a difference in the world. He attributes his position and commitment to the clients of Harbor Village to the gratifying experience of watching his team’s hard work change someone’s life.

    “The most fulfilling thing is when you see someone come in here and they’re very sick and beaten down, but after they complete the detox portion or the full rehabilitation program they are completely changed,” he said, “They’re hopeful and getting into a good place in their lives, going back to their families. You feel like you saved someone; you did something great with your work. It’s a little thing for you doing your work, but it’s a big change for their lives. Not many people have to opportunity to have that experience.”

    He also noted that one of the things people entering the detox stage of rehabilitation struggle with is recognizing their addiction as a vice and a disease. The urge to use has replaced healthier coping mechanisms in the minds of those struggling with substance abuse disorders; the tasks that faces the staff of Harbor Village is reteaching people in recovery how to handle the highs and lows of life without resorting to relapse. The medical staff assists in this endeavor by eliminating the physical need for addictive toxins so the client can focus on learning new approaches to life and its many challenges.

    “Everybody has moments in their lives where they feel completely down. But for people in recovery, that comes with these urges and cravings. Our staff at Harbor Village teaches them tools they can use in low moments to come back up and feel strong again. It isn’t me telling you not to use that makes you not want to use. It’s the tools we give you for when you want to use that will keep you above the urge. Each person here is learning different tools that work for them to fight the cravings. It’s when the person starts really using those tools that they are ready to get back to the rest of the world.”

    Yanio’s faith in his staff is unwavering and their commitment to helping you reach your goals is unparalleled. Call today to begin your journey to recovery and see what Harbor Village’s medical staff can do for you.

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