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Taly K.

  • Taly K.

    Taly K.

    In Harbor Village’s ever-going mission to bridge the gap between addiction and sobriety, we recognize how daunting the detoxification stage of treatment may seem. Fear of facing withdrawal symptoms and urges keep many from taking beginning their paths of recovery.

    Because we understand this hesitation, we work tirelessly to make the detoxification process as stress-free and painless as possible through our state of the art treatment methods and compassionate team of medical professionals.

    At the head of our medical team is Taly Kadoch, the Director of Clinical Services. Taly began her career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida State University before furthering her education with a Master’s Degree from Florida International University. From there she worked with Jewish Family Services as a grant manager for survivors of domestic violence and a case manager conducting home visits for the geriatric population.

    In 2009 she moved on to working with JFS as a therapist working with the outpatient drug mandated DUI program in Broward County. She quickly realized she had a passion for helping those with substance abuse and alcohol abuse disorders, and so she returned to school to obtain her CAP training for addiction professionals and focused on cases of co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders.

    At Harbor Village, Taly is an integral part of staff specializing in the detox process. As the Director of Clinical Services, Taly is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our detoxification process including ensuring the personalized regimens of care for each client are being effectively followed. Taly oversees our nursing staff in caring for the needs of our clients and ensuring any concerns are properly handled. She works closely with our staff doctor to adjust any treatments clients receive as necessary in order to achieve detox goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    Beyond the technical and medical aspects of detox, Taly and her team also help to begin the process of uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of addiction:

    “We provide a structured environment that affords clients an opportunity to learn the coping skills they need as well as a healthy way to manage their symptoms and feelings. They are empowered to establish goals for their recovery in order to create extraordinary lives and re-define success.”

    Of her team, Taly says she loves the family atmosphere of care and healing we foster at Harbor Village. She notes that when staff and clients interact, it is on an intimate, personal level that builds a bond of trust and mutual respect.

    “There’s an overwhelming foundation of unconditional love [here]. Compassion transcends judgement and failures and is the antidote to shame and disappointment.”

    Outside of helping people heal and grow through Harbor Village, Taly loves to embrace another passion of hers: dance. She views dance as an extension of our choices to move with the rhythm of life and as a constant reminder of the ebb and flow it takes to sustain greatness. Dance, she says, allows one to find themselves among the great and historic arts of others; risking it all and making it look good in the process.

    Let Taly Kadoch and our staff help you begin your journey to the life you’ve always wanted. Call us today!

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