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Michael B.

  • Michael B.

    Michael B.

    Michael Boland is the Chief Operating Officer of Harbor Village Detox Center. As such, he is responsible for the overall supervision and support of the staff and clients. His duties include deescalating conflicts that have been advanced to his level of authority, ensuring the safety of all persons present at the facility, and coordinating events and trips for clients. Clients are taken to the gym five days a week, given access to a gaming and entertainment system, and provided the opportunity to attend sporting events, concerts at the American Airlines Arena and BB&T Center, and weekend beach trips.

    He is also the ultimate example of what redemption, recovery, and dedication can transform your life.

    Born in New Jersey, Michael found himself addicted to drugs and alcohol at an early age, a habit he kept for 26 years. He has known the exhilarating highs and debilitating lows of addiction. Eventually he found himself 1500 miles from his hometown, low on resources, and with no idea where to turn for help. Despite a lack of family support and his seemingly hopeless state, he finally experienced the moment of clarity he needed to find sobriety. After 57 attempts at dozens of treatment centers, he arrived in Florida and today he has succeeded in breaking the addiction cycle and has been sober for nearly 16 years.

    When asked what lead to his recovery, Michael had this to say:
    “I was done, I just didn’t want to feel the way I was feeling anymore. So I walked in with my arms raised and I said ‘I surrender, tell me what I need to do cuz I’ve got no clue.’ I was 1500 miles from home. I had $300 and an unsupportive family. I didn’t want to feel that way anymore, so I had no choice. I had to do what I had to do.”

    After his recovery, Michael Boland decided to turn his personal struggles into a tool to inspire and help others to change their lives. He entered the substance abuse rehabilitation industry in order to help those in his former position. Michael credits his personal experience with addiction as a bridge between himself and those in recovery:

    “I know them a little bit better than they think I do. I’m a recovering addict- I haven’t used, but I’m still a recovering addict. I’m just as close to using as the person sitting on the other side of my desk. I’m just trying a little harder. When people suffering from a substance abuse disorder come into a detox facility, they’re coming in under the influence of something. We’re going to medically monitor them through the withdrawal process. They’re a little bit more vulnerable on that side, we just try to turn them around and get them to understand who they are in that diseased state of mind is not really who they are. The behavioral tech staff will sit down and talk to them. The caseworkers and therapists will sit with them. We want them to understand there’s nothing so drastic in your life that is worth using again.”

    As for is co-workers, Michael believes the staff of Harbor Village is unique in an industry that can at times treat people as numbers because of their sincere dedication to the individual. Several members of Harbor Village’s staff have a history of substance abuse which allows them the distinct ability to sympathize with the struggles and stories of their clients. The trust and respect this garners from clients helps to ease the anxiety and unease of the rehabilitation process.

    Michael’s advice to those considering treatment through Harbor Village or any rehabilitation facility?

    “You have to keep the want. Keep the want before the need. If you can continue to figure out how to get high, why can’t you figure out how to not get high? The stopping is easy, everybody stops at some point. To stay stopped is the hard part.”

    Let Michael and the other members of our staff help you on your road to recovery. Call us now!

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