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Eny Torres

  • Eny Torres

    Eny Torres

    During the detoxification process through Harbor Village, clients receive medical assistance to alleviate withdrawal symptoms as well as 24 hour monitoring by our fully trained nursing staff. Our nurses also maintain contact with doctors at all points through the day to ensure all medical needs are satisfied while clients are in our treatment center.

    Under the guidance of Chief Medical Officer, Yanio Brunely, the nurses of Harbor Village work together like a well-oiled machine. But they are more than that; they are a family unit, brought together by a mutual desire to provide care and comfort for those in need. Together, the team work tirelessly to keep all their patients comfortable and healthy.

    At Yanio’s side is Eny Torres, Nursing Supervisor for Harbor Village.

    Eny received her Bachelor’s in Nursing at Nova Southeastern University. Shortly after, she came to Harbor Village, noting a desire to specialize in a field not typically pursued by nursing professionals. Eny says that, though her education through Nova Southeastern University prepared her for any field she would seek, addiction recovery treatment is not extensive.

    This sparked a curiosity in Torres, who was directly trained by Yanio in addiction recovery procedures.

    “I fell in love with it,” she says, “the team, the family environment that we have- it’s not like a hospital where everybody has a straight face and they’re not friendly with patients. I decided to become a nurse when I realized there’s a lack of genuine care in the field. Addiction [recovery] is not your typical field for nursing; [most people] want to be in the hospital. It’s such a different specialty, but it’s always overlooked.”

    Described as open, friendly, and helpful, it’s easy to understand the allure nursing held for Torres.

    When asked about what incoming clients can expect during the detox process, Eny explains that upon intake, the nurses obtains the medical history through client interviews, initial assessments by doctors and psychologists, and urine analysis. This provides a conducive understanding of pre-existing medical conditions as well as what substances are present in the system prior to the beginning of treatment.

    From there, the collected information is presented to the doctor, who prescribes treatment including specifics regarding medication and length of the regimen. The nursing staff is then assigned to ensuring the prescribed plan is adhered to, while monitoring for changes in health and mental welfare. The nursing staff also arranges all appointments with doctors and psychologists, as intensive therapy is available as early as detox.

    For her role, Torres begins her day by reviewing nursing reports and following up on assessments. Eny is also responsible for scheduling doctor’s appointments and assuring treatment plans are followed through. Reviewing client complaints, Eny is the first step to resolving any issues which may arise during detox. Beyond these responsibilities, Eny oversees the day to day care of clients within the detox program.

    “We’re not your typical detox. We are very open and willing to help with anything; we don’t have the intimidating atmosphere of most other facilities. Through working here I’ve learned how to bring down the barriers of addiction. People come in defensive, paranoid, and on edge. I try to show them this is a safe place.”

    Eny Torres also stated that, beyond helping the clients, her favorite part of working with Harbor Village is the energetic, comforting, and understanding team which she leads. Much like Yanio, Eny believes that their close-knit nature sets them apart from other nursing teams. They are in close contact with each other at all times in order to quickly de-escalate any problems which may arise as well as offer encouragement and support. Additionally, their friendly relationships with each other help to put patients at ease during detox and preparation for the next stages of treatment.

    As a medical professional specializing in addiction treatment, Eny is in a position which allows for a unique view on substance abuse and steps we can take in remedying the epidemic. She believes that the first step to reducing and preventing opiate drug abuse is stronger regulations, allotting for reduced prescription rates. Like many other medical professionals, she believes doctors should be more conscious of medical history prior to prescribing any powerful pain relievers and follow up to ensure the proper use of said medication.

    When Eny is not providing care to the clients of Harbor Village, she is spending quality time with her husband and their American Bulldog. She is health conscious and tries to be as active as possible in her personal life.

    Nurse Supervisor Eny Torres and our team of nurses are waiting to help you reach your sobriety goals and rebuild the life you have always wanted. Call now to see how our medical staff and detox program can change your life.

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