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Cynthia Ingram

  • Cynthia Ingram

    Cynthia Ingram

    Over two decades of sobriety under one’s belt is an impressive feat, but Cynthia has reached this milestone with grace and fortitude that begets her, all the while helping others in their first steps of recovery.
    Born from her compassion as someone who has been on the other side of the recovery process, Cynthia began her career in addiction recovery just as she was reintegrating herself into the world post-treatment. Beginning as a Behavioral Technician with Challenges, she learned the ins and outs of the recovery process. Under the guidance of a mentor, she moved through the ranks to work in admissions, office management, and eventually her current occupation as a case manager. She would also go on to own a series of halfway houses, though they are unfortunately no longer operating.
    At 58 years old and with a wealth of knowledge under her belt, Cynthia Ingram is a force to be reckoned with here at Harbor Village. Though she has a tender place in her heart for all of her clients, her approach to recovery is straightforward and direct- you definitely won’t get away with simply going through the motions with her.
    “I’m going to love you where you need to go,” she said when asked about how she handles even her most difficult cases.
    Ingram is definitely a presence that demands respect without forgetting her own roots in recovery.
    “I’m 58 years old and I’m just finding my purpose.”
    So what is that purpose here at Harbor Village? Besides being a down to Earth and relatable case manager who will steer you in the right direction, she is also a group facilitator, leading two of our newest groups: one for music appreciation and dance, and the other for artistic expression. Both help to occupy the mind and teach means of healthy creative expressions; the music appreciation group also has added health benefits as she- a trained dancer in her own right- teaches a variety of dance styles.
    “People were hesitant to participate in that one, but by the time they returned to housing, they were practicing the steps and moved I’d taught them. That felt really good because I could see how I was getting through to them.”
    She has also recently gained a new title: as Harbor Village’s Community Resource Specialist, Cynthia is responsible for finding new resources within the community to help the transition process upon completing a treatment program with Harbor Village. From assisting with housing and employment to basic necessities like food, Harbor Village’s resources will help make the return to everyday life less stressful so clients may continue focusing on their sober journey.
    Though Cynthia’s path may have begun in a dark place, her light and warmth now helps to guide others walking the path she once took 21 years ago. It’s only fitting, given her favorite quote:
    “The journey continues; we are all miracles.”
    Amazing people like Cynthia are waiting you to make the call that will change your future. Contact us now to begin your own transformation!

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