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Carly Carbone

  • Carly Carbone

    Carly Carbone

    “I didn’t like the consequences of my drinking, and I decided to finally make the change and get help.”

    A veteran of overcoming her own substance use disorder, Carly Carbone is a compassionate case manager, guiding clients of Harbor Village through their own journey to sobriety. Carly helps clients prepare for discharge and manages housing, employment, continuing education, government paperwork, disability applications, and doctor’s appointments. Simply put: Carly assures clients are 100% ready to tackle their new lives the moment they graduate from treatment. Allaying potential pitfalls for relapse, Carly helps clients prepare their financial, housing, and practical affairs throughout the course of treatment.

    “I help our clients transition from being in a treatment center to living on their own smoothly. We work together– they have the freedom to take control of their life and make decisions about their new lease on sobriety, and I help coach them into making it happen.”

    Carly specializes in AA and credits her own sobriety to the program. During group, Carly introduces the core principals of AA step-by-step and helps clients ease into the process- saying AA helped her discover the underlying roots of her substance use.

    “I was restless and discontented by nature. I’m not ever comfortable in my own skin. I had a spiritual awakening which turned into a psychic change. I’ve learned to be more tolerant and patient. I find inspiration in my clients’ stories. I am eternally grateful for what I have- and to be apart of other people’s’ recovery.”

    Carly earned her Bachelor’s degree at FIU for hospitality, but found her true love in social work, for which she is pursuing her master’s in.

    “I went to school initially to work in hotel management because my father said I would make money doing it– but I didn’t have a passion for any of it, and then I got sober and I knew some people who worked here, and I applied. I want to do this forever.”

    Carly draws her own experience with her into sessions with clients,

    “I didn’t like the consequences of my drinking, and I decided to finally make the change and get help. I started drinking when I was 15– but what I learned from the program is the problem is not my drinking, it is the why. That’s what our treatment help clients tackle. Addiction is in the brain, it’s more than just physical.”

    “If you think you need treatment- you probably do. Normal people don’t say ‘maybe I have a drug problem.’ If you’re debating whether you have a problem- you definitely have a problem. Why not try it? You have nothing to lose.”
    “You are the maker of your own happiness. You’ll learn so much more than not how to drink. You are so much more than recovery– we focus on recovery and beyond.”

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