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Andrea Horwitz

  • Andrea Horwitz

    Andrea Horwitz

    Andrea Horwitz is the instrumental clinical director of Harbor Village. Andrea guides the entire clinical staff members in client care, treatment protocol, and provides continual coaching to clinical staff- staying abreast of the newest developments in the addiction research field. Specializing in sexuality and LGBT+, Andrea’s golden touch helps clients work through deep-seated problems revolving childhood traumas, PTSD, sexual abuse, and underlying mental health conditions.

    While directing Harbor Village’s clinical staff, Andrea puts out fires and assures therapy and group sessions are on schedule, critically effective to recovery, and touch upon the keystones of the underlying causes of addiction. Andrea finds time to both manage clinical staff and meet with clients.

    “Being directly involved in client recovery is my favorite part of this job. Touching the hearts- and being touched- by our intelligent, caring, and dynamic clients is the biggest reward of working for Harbor Village.”

    In addition to directing clinical affairs and meeting with clients on a one-on-one basis, Andrea is first to respond in the event of behavioral outbursts, calming clients and listening to what they have to say. “We all express ourselves differently- some with tears, others anger. I focus on understanding the source of client outbursts to really address whatever is going on to restore balance and focus on recovering entirely.”

    Andrea Horwitz attended Barry University and has been an instrumental in the recovery field for ten years.

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