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#HVSoberSummer2016! Enter Our Photo Contest!

  • #HVSoberSummer2016! Enter Our Photo Contest!

    #HVSoberSummer2016! Enter Our Photo Contest!

    Summer time~! Tan lines, beach trips, picnics, and vacations abroad- what a glorious time of year! Summer warmth and sunshine inspires relaxation, serenity, and rejuvenation; it’s also a time for those infamous summer parties, which can be a dangerous, slippery slope for people in recovery.#HVSoberSummer2016! Enter Our Photo Contest! image

    Staying sober during the summer can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered with a list of 15 ways to spend your summer sober.

    Need a bit more encouragement? How about the chance to win a summer photo contest?

    We’re all going to be snapping selfies and taking videos of our summer fun, so why not put those filters and hashtags to good use?

    Just like we did last year with National Recovery Month, Harbor Village is hosting a Sober Summer 2016 photo contest asking you to show us how you are spending this sober summer. Are you going on an incredible backpacking vacation across Europe or Asia? Amazing! Are you going to learn how to crochet or join a book club? Flippin’ sweet! We want to see it all!

    We also want to see people in all stages of recovery- we want to represent the full spectrum of what it means to overcome substance abuse. Rather you’re in the first few hours of your sober journey, finding your footing on the path of sobriety, or you’re a veteran of recovery with decades under your belt, your story is so incredibly valuable and need to be heard!

    So how is this Sober Summer 2016 photo contest going to work? Well, here’s a quick rundown:

    #HVSoberSummer2016! Enter Our Photo Contest! imageWho: You! Anyone can enter the Sober Summer 2016 contest to help spread substance abuse awareness and recovery encouragement!
    When: July 1- 31st
    Where: The Harbor Village Instagram and Facebook pages
    What: A photo or short (one minute) video showing how you are spending your summer free from drugs and alcohol. Please also include a short paragraph including what sobriety has meant to you and what you have accomplished and hope to accomplish this summer on your sober journey.
    Include #HVSoberSummer2016 to help us track your submission! Also, make sure to share your post with your friends and family members- the more likes and shares it gets, the greater your chance of winning! Official rules and regulations will be released prior to the beginning of the photo contest.
    Why: Substance abuse claims thousands of lives each year across the nation. Through this contest and your submissions, we can not only begin a honest and open conversation about addiction and recovery, but we can encourage others to begin their path to sobriety this summer too. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

    Keep an eye open for later announcements for #HVSoberSummer2016! Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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