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Meet Audrey Wilmot, a Recovered Meth Addict for 21 Years & Counting

  • Meet Audrey Wilmot, a Recovered Meth Addict for 21 Years & Counting

    Meet Audrey Wilmot, a Recovered Meth Addict for 21 Years & Counting

    I wanted to take a step back today to bring you a heartwarming recovery story from Audrey Wilmot. We’ve had the pleasure to know Audrey because she’s our First Prize winner in our National Recovery Month “What Does Recovery Look Like?” photo contest! We would like to thank Audrey from the bottom of our hearts helping us shed light on the devastation of addiction, and helping us to shine light and give hope to those still trapped inside of their own nightmare.

    It does get better, and Audrey is living proof.

    Audrey gave us a glimpse inside of a past she has since triumphed over, regaling us of her past when she was riddled with meth sores and struggling to stay afloat the brambles of a chronic addiction to methamphetamine, Audrey’s story is told in her own words:  


    Hi my name is Audrey and this is my story.

    Meet Audrey Wilmot, a Recovered Meth Addict for 21 Years & Counting image

    With no formal writing experience I am stumbling along. But there’s one thing I learned early on in recovery: that when I am lost or struggling there is one I may turn to, and that one is God.

    I took my first drink at six, which was given to me by an adult in my family. I remember it tasted like peppermint. I danced and twirled and laughed and then got sick.

    The next time I drank I was 15, and I got as drunk as any one person could possibly have gotten and it was great.

    I took my first drug at 15: pot and Seconal. It was a immediate escape from all the things in my life that I was trying to escape. I continued down this path, and by 16 I met and fell in love with my now husband.

    We have been married now for 39.5 yrs.

    In 1986 I found Crystal meth, and it was immediately my drug of No Return, as they say. It did amazing things for me: my home was clean, dinner was on the table, and little ones were as happy as can be. But as time went on the home and the dinners and husband and even kids became less and less important. I was no longer Superwoman (at least in my mind).

    Meth was beginning to rob me of my life, my happiness, my self esteem, my family, and performing my daily duties meant less and less every day. As with most meth addicts, in time I was unable to support my habit and turned to crime.

    And this is where my story takes on a whirlwind of twist and turns.

    After using and drinking hard for 20 years I found myself in and out of handcuffs. For the most part this was little to no deterrent to me and my quest to get and use more drugs.

    By this time everything, including my health, had gone to crap. I was covered in meth sores, teeth were rotting out of my head, and the law was after me at every turn. Yet I continued to do what addicts do. . . at some point I realized I was an IV junkie.

    Hope was pretty much gone by this time.

    My family hated me, and who could blame them?


    I was a thief and liar and a horrible wife and mother.


    I survived overdoses only to go back out right after. I survived my liver shutting down only to start right up after being released from the hospital. Nothing stopped me, that is until the last night I used meth.

    That night was like every other night: years and years of me alone, talking to myself, doing the last of my dope and having to find more. It was a never ending circle. But this night the loneliness was crippling and I cried out for the creator or God or someone to help me:


    Just Help Me Stop.


    I did the last of my stuff and headed out to score one more time. . . how many times have we said “God Help,” me followed by





    Well that night my life fell apart I found myself in cuffs, and I wasn’t able to get out this time. I was going to jail and looking at Prison time.

    For me it was time. Time to stop, time to listen, time to accept the help so many had offered and I refused. I could go on and on about the legalities of it all, but I chose not to, since this is a public forum. But what I can say is my journey started Sept 6th 1994.

    I was ordered to rehab and after 36 days I ran away and was violated. Again I needed a blessing and it came. I was given outpatient rehab for two years, and went to three meetings a day- complied to mandatory drug testing for five years and served five years probation.

    In this time I learned I was worth recovery and one day at a time I could stop, if I listened and applied the message I was learning. I trusted God. I surrendered, and I got a sponsor. I started working the steps. I found freedom, and in time I found me, the me that was always there, but was lost in the drugs and alcohol.

    That Judge, who almost through the keys away on me, gave me my one, two, and five year tokens.

    I do everything I need for me to keep me clean and sober. I know there is a Higher Power, and it is not me. I have gotten my life back, my freedom, my health (for the most part), back. I have been blessed with the love and respect of my husband and kids.

    Above all I have my dignity and self respect back.


    I’m free.


    I have nothing to hide anymore because I stay in the Perimeters of HOW, ( Honest Open-Mindedness Willingness) and God Good Orderly Direction.

    And I do this to the best of my ability on a daily basis, one day at a time. I reach out, I help others. I give away what was so freely given to me. And by God’s grace I have been clean and sober since September 6th, 1994.

    I just celebrated my 21st Sobriety Re-Birthday, and I have a life better than anything I could ever dreamt of.

    But I never, ever forget,

    “But By the Grace Of God Go!”


    Audrey Wilmot

    (The photo is of me before recovery, and now 21 yrs later. My sobriety birthday is September 6th, 1994.)


    You’ll be hearing more from Audrey soon in an exclusive interview! Keep your eyes peeled and sign up for updates on our blog!

    Comments (2)

      • Adele
      • July 10, 2016 at 3:12 pm

      I could really relate to her story. But by the grace of God there go I… Everyone’s bottom differs but the ends always the same. Jails, institutions or death!!! Thank your for having the courage to share your story. God bless you with twenty-one more. You are a miracle!!!

      • Adele;
        Thank you so much for your wonderful kind words.You’re right everyone bottom is different.mine was a heck of messy bottom but it is what i needed to stop.i just celebrated 22 years.
        wow I cried up at the podium because it hit me that I have now been off booze and drugs longer than I was on them.
        I truly am free.also it never occurred to me how many people would want to hear my story. if it helps one my work is done.
        Thanks Again Adele


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