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November Is Inspirational Role Model Month

  • November Is Inspirational Role Model Month

    November Is Inspirational Role Model Month

    This November is Inspirational Role Model Month!

    Inspiration benefits us all, but for people in recovery are especially vulnerable and in need of encouragement. This month we’ll be featuring the stories of people we find inspirational that have overcome their addictions and found success in their lives.

    During the recovery process, moments of defenselessness and powerlessness are dangerous. Though low points are to be expected, for people in recovery they may also come with the very real possibility of relapse, and with it, overdose death. Overdosing is a threat to all those who abuse drugs or alcohol, rather it is the first time or the 5,000th, but the risk of dying from overdose is increased when one relapses after a period of sobriety.

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    Be Inspired This November for Inspirational Role Model Month!

    How do we help counteract those low moments and the urge to give into weakness? How do we fight through phases of depression and anger and frustration with the process? How do we negate the pain and struggle of dealing with all the world throws your way without the aid of illicit substances?

    Through faith, encouragement, and inner strength; through the love of a support system, the dedication to living a better life, and through hope for a brighter future.

    By recognizing and celebrating Inspirational Role Model Month, you can help inspire people in need to continue the fight for sobriety and stay on the sober path! While it is beautiful to see celebrities use their notoriety for the betterment of others, you don’t have to be famous or rich to change lives- your story could be the one to save another life! Reach out- be the voice you wish you had in your corner during your recovery, or pay forward the kindness, comfort and understanding you’ve received during treatment to another in need of a helping hand.

    You can make a difference!

    Know a story you want to see featured? Let us know in the comments!

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