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Chief Operating Officer Michael Boland is Our #TransformationTuesday!

  • Chief Operating Officer Michael Boland is Our #TransformationTuesday!

    Chief Operating Officer Michael Boland is Our #TransformationTuesday!

    If you know anything about social media and the photo sharing app Instagram (first, you should follow us, we post cool stuff!), then chances are you’ve come across a #TransformationTuesday post once or twice- you may have even posted one once upon a time. Usually they consist of people documenting their dramatic weight loss or beauty evolution following an awkward phase.

    We decided to jump in on the trend, but do it a little differently. The road to sobriety is all about transformations, after all.

    Chief Operating Officer Michael Boland is Our #TransformationTuesday! image

    Michael Boland is our first #TransformationTuesday!

    For our very first Transformation Tuesday, I wanted to share with you the inspiring story of Michael Boland, the Chief Operating Officer at Harbor Village. Michael is to overseer of all activities and functions through and within the facility; his job is to keep clients and staff members safe and secure while also making sure their needs are met.

    16 years ago Michael Boland probably would have never imagined himself in such a high position, even less one in a rehabilitation center. 16 years ago, Michael Boland was checking into treatment himself.

    I’ll admit- when I went in to interview Michael for the staff biographies on our website, I was intimidated myself. On the exterior Michael has a tough demeanor that immediately tells you he’s a no nonsense kind of guy. However, as the interview got underway and he opened up, I began to see the reality of Michael Boland: he comes off as strict and tough, but that’s only because he wants to protect people from the life he once lived.

    Michael was born in New Jersey. Though he didn’t offer too many details regarding the beginning of his life, he did admit his substance abuse began early in life. For about 26 years he lived under the influence of an addicted mind while the rest of his life suffered. Family ties were strained, opportunities were lost and squandered. Over a quarter of a century passed, and through that time Michael experienced many of the legal and personal troubles which affect people with substance abuse disorders every day.

    At 39 years old and with 56 previous attempts at rehabilitation, Michael Boland found himself 1,500 miles from home in Miami, FL and desperate for an escape from the demon of substance abuse. In his own words, he says:

    “I was done, I just didn’t want to feel the way I was feeling anymore. So I walked in with my arms raised and I said ‘I surrender, tell me what I need to do cuz I’ve got no clue.’ I was 1500 miles from home. I had $300 and an unsupportive family. I didn’t want to feel that way anymore, so I had no choice. I had to do what I had to do.”

    Thankfully that stint in rehab was Michael’s finally and he has maintained his sobriety for over a decade. Beyond that, he chose to take his experiences and struggles and transform them into a tool with which he helps guide others onto the path to sobriety and a brighter future. Don’t let the gruff exterior fool you; this man has a heart meant for helping those in need.

    Do you have a story you want to tell as part of our #TransformationTuesday? Comment below or email us at: aholder@harborvillageflorida.com!

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