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5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own

  • 5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own

    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own

    Whether you’re in active recovery, thinking about going into rehab (do it!), or you’ve already completed your journey in treatment, and you’re ready to tackle the world, there are a few things you should own.

    Sobriety is a lifelong journey of inner-reflection, unending resolve, and aspirations to fill your life with joy and wonder. Here are five things which will guide you along your way to discovering yourself and the future beyond.



    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own imagePurchase a journal that speaks to you. Whether it’s the caress of the pages, cover design, or the materials used in the binding, find the perfect companion. That’s right. Companion. Never leave your journal alone on your bedstand. Take it along with you (if you’re feeling adventurous, why not give it a name?) to record every thought, inkling, insight, life question, or revelation entering your mind.

    Paint your world in the expanse of your journal as a means of self expression and discovery. when we write we learn new things about ourselves. Writing is the development of the soul, and illuminates the world around us. If we are mindful of our writing, it will become instantaneously clear what is wanting in our immediate surroundings.

    Even if we don’t know how to change our circumstances, journaling will alert us of imbalance in any form. You cannot hide from your words. It is imperative you acknowledge every thought and feeling. Perhaps not in that very moment, but eventually.

    The more we write, the more power we reclaim over ourselves.


    Holistic Healing for Addiction: Enlivening Body, Mind & Spirit to Remedy Depression, Anxiety and Self-Hate

    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own imageHolistic Healing for Addiction: Enlivening Body, Mind and Spirit to Remedy Depression, Anxiety and Self-Hate is a hands-on guide to combat substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, and self hate. Focusing on teaching holistic remedies for before, during, and after rehabilitation, Holistic Healing for Addiction empowers readers, and their loved ones, with the tools to stave off self odium. Learn how to change your thoughts, behaviors, and environments by implementing:

    – Crystal Healing

    – Feng Shui

    – Chakra Healing

    – Affirmations

    – Oracles

    – The Art of Tea

    – Adult Coloring

    -Practical Wisdom

    Tackle remedying withdrawal anxiety, the necessity of going to treatment, and learn how to let go of the past for a beautiful future. Holistic Healing for Drug & Alcohol Addiction is intended to serve anyone interested in discovering their true selves through introspection, spirituality, and an escape from the sometimes limiting prescriptions of westernized medicine.

    Not a substitute for traditional recovery, this guide is a complement to recovery pursuits mastering the emotional, spiritual, and psychological pursuits of recovery, sometimes skated over in lieu of treating addiction topically.

    With this book learn to resolve inner unrest and conquer addiction, self doubt, self loathing, and the void addiction leaves behind.

    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own image



    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own image


    It Takes a Village: Finding the Right Support System in Addiction Recovery

    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own imageWhen facing the often trying road of addiction recovery, having a proper support system in place can be paramount to long-term success. Through ‘It Takes a Village’ readers learn about the different types of people one will encounter through life, who among these characters can be trusted to form one’s support network, and who should be removed from one’s life for the sake of sobriety. Additionally, readers will learn how to rebuild broken relationships, use their recovery as a learning tool for others, and how to navigate the world of dating and love while staying firmly on the sober path.

    The eBook delves into the different types of people you will encounter on your sober journey, using your experiences as a learning tool for the people in your life, and moving forward and finding love. With helpful tips and information from expert psychologists, “It Takes a Village” is perfect for people in early recovery who want to take the steps necessary to make long-term sobriety a reality. It’s also useful for those who need something to help reaffirm their place on the sober path during rough periods or momentary relapse.

    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own image




    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own image







    Inspiration Board

    5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Own imageGet inspired with your goals plastered all over your walls! Or, I suppose you can just create an inspiration board (I can’t be the only one who wants to collage every inch of their home). An inspiration board is just as it sounds. Cut and paste words that inspire you, images of goals you wish to achieve, pictures of nature, zen, or adventure!

    This board should help you focus on your intentions and set purpose to your thoughts by looking over your creation every day to keep you motivated towards your goals! Corkboard works wonders for this project. Or perhaps simple poster board.


    Daily Devotional/ Oracle Cards

    Want a burst morning direction? Try a daily devotional or an oracle card deck. You may also consider the IChing, which is growing in popularity in our Western world. Daily devotionals help you tackle the challenges that lie ahead and give you advice for the day to come!


    What are your favorite recovery tools?


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