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4 Smart Gifts for People in Recovery

  • 4 Smart Gifts for People in Recovery

    4 Smart Gifts for People in Recovery

    The holidays are approaching quickly! Although you may have not considered getting a “recovery” specific gift for someone in your life who is in active recovery, there are innumerable gifts you can give to help speed their recovery along. Focus on all things inspiring. Subtle tools aiding in recovery include stimulating gifts helping the eager receiver become enraptured in all things creative, mentally engaging, and psychologically substantial.

    Gifts focusing on honing a craft, encouraging the exploration of a skill already possessed, or one in want of development herald the most potential for encouraging goal development and facilitate honor and pride.

    Traditional recovery helps books are great go-tos, but they’re not the only thing that can help. I’ve written about how scrapbooking can be emotionally rewarding and help develop healthy habits– so scrapbooking supplies may be in order! You may also defer to any books, as they help to develop empathy and strengthen cognition. See what creative ventures you can come up with and share them in a comment below!

    Without further ado, here are 15 gifts for people in recovery this holiday season.


    1. Beautiful Journal or Sketchbook 

    4 Smart Gifts for People in Recovery image

    Courtesy of Dariusz Sankowski

    Sometimes giving a simple gift is the best way to inspire creativity in others. Journaling in active recovery is important to work out underlying feelings which may not be resolved. Have someone with a penchant for writing? Consider gifting a beautifully bound journal to suit their individual interests.

    As journals are to writers, sketchbooks are to chronic doodlers! (Doodling is actually wonderful for recovery- I talk about this more in Holistic Healing for Addiction Recovery.) Gifting a sketchbook is as influential for creatives as journals are. Sketchbooks and journals are not confined to their traditional uses, but may be turned into altered journals, beautifully illustrated bucket lists, or a chronicle of recovery feats.

    You may want to think about gifting scrapbooking supplies, stickers, odds & ends, a pad of beautiful scrapbooking paper or a small gift card to a local craft store with your gift.


    2. Meditation Classes or Tai Chi

    4 Smart Gifts for People in Recovery image

    Courtesy of Suc

    Outside of rehabilitation, some people in recovery struggle to readjust to a structure they must maintain themselves. You can help bring structure back into their lives and encourage recovery by purchasing a groupon, or class bundle for meditation. Meditation helps to work out underlying unrest, and gives recoverers the chance to understand themselves intimately, and develop positive coping techniques to combat cravings.

    Meditation can help improve cognition, memory, and reduces stress when practiced regularly. There are innumerable types of meditation- you don’t have to settle for a traditional meditation group if you don’t want to! You may want to consider signing up for two. That will help you keep your loved one on track, cultivate your relationship, and give you an outlet to deal with your own stress,

    Alternatively, you may consider purchasing classes for Tai Chi- which is heavily based in the meditative arts. Tai Chi will help you delve inside of yourself and teach you how to defend yourself.


    3. The Writer’s Market, The Photographer’s Market, or The Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market


    4 Smart Gifts for People in Recovery image

    Courtesy of Memoryloon

    The Arts have always lead people to the inner truth of themselves, why not develop these abilities? Writer’s Digest has come out with indispensable fonts of knowledge for writers, artists, and graphic designers alike by publishing a culmination of publications looking for artists and writers from around the globe. There are new editions every year, and the new 2016 editions are already for sale.

    Why is this a perfect gift for someone in recovery?

    Encouraging your loved one to develop their interests and innate talents is an excellent transitional tool which will help them learn to express their emotions positively. And they can get paid for it. The Market series list hundreds of publications willing to pay for talent. Have a natural poet who refuses to cultivate his gift seriously? The Poet’s Market may help him rethink things.

    The market series helps to establish goals, offers real world experience for those who wish to work in the Arts, helps them develop their talents, and gives them something positive to do. Before the directories of publications, the books offer advice for how to break into one’s prospective market from the masters in each industry.

    For the artist in your life, the Market Series is a must.

    Writer’s Market 2016 | Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market | Photographer’s Market |

    Poet’s Market | Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market | Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market

    4. The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall

    4 Smart Gifts for People in Recovery image

    Courtesy Fiona Storey

    Invite the metaphysics into your loved one’s life by giving them the definitive reference guide to crystals and minerals! Judy Hall is a world renowned crystal healer, and her books are some of the best go-to books for everything metaphysical. M
    any people in recovery are turning to the healing powers of crystals to help speed their recovery along. Take it from Rachel Ackerhalt, who used
    holistic healing to recover from chronic substance abuse.

    Crystal Healing helps people in recovery discover the power of nature, and promotes health, prosperity, peace of mind, and sobriety. YOu may consider pairing this gift with a few tumbled stones purchased from your local new age or metaphysical shop to get them started.

    Judy Hall’s reference guide (and yes, I own The Encyclopedia of Crystals, 101 Power Crystals, and The Crystal Bible, all authored by Judy Hall). is colorful, wonderfully designed and excellent for beginners and long time practitioners alike.

    Crystal healing 101


    As someone in recovery, what are some things you’d like to receive under the tree?

    Featured image: Ever Present by JD Hancock licensed under CC by 2.0

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