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14 Daily Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem: Yes, You Are Beautiful!

  • 14 Daily Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem: Yes, You Are Beautiful!

    14 Daily Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem: Yes, You Are Beautiful!

    14 Daily Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem: Yes, You Are Beautiful! imageEven if you’re not battling a substance use disorder, you may be at risk for developing self harming behavior if you have low self esteem! In fact, many instances of substance use disorders stem from acute self esteem problems. (Specifically, a lack thereof.) Outside of therapy, there are small things you can do everyday to reduce your anxiety and accept yourself for the wonderful, loving person you are- but may have difficulty showing to the rest of the world!

    Low self esteem may manifest in over-compensating for qualities one believes they lack- sometimes making them difficult to be around- and you can spot someone with low self esteem a mile away if they seem to be unable to accept a compliment!

    Persons exhibiting these behaviors are prime candidates for suffering from low self esteem. Loving yourself can sometimes be one of the hardest things we have to do, but it’s essential that we finally figure out how to tear down the barriers we erect around ourselves!  


    What Is a Daily Affirmation?

    Daily affirmations are mini self dedications, or prayers many people use to help themselves stay focused on achieving one thing or another. 12 step programs are famed for their many affirmations throughout treatment, but many spiritual practices use affirmations to help practitioners get through their days!

    In terms of boosting your self esteem, you can remind yourself throughout the day that yes, you are amazing!


    Does Mirror Talk Make Me a Narcissist?

    Taking daily affirmations one step further, you can use mirror-talk to boost your self esteem, by looking at yourself in the mirror, and reminding yourself that you are a beautiful spirit inside and out! If it’s hard for you to look at yourself in a mirror at all (I am constantly ducking from reflective surfaces!) mirror talk is a great way that will help you accept yourself for who you are.

    14 Daily Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem: Yes, You Are Beautiful! image

    Even if the person you are right now is not where you ultimately wish to be, it’s important to love yourself throughout your entire journey!


    Just because you want to shed a few pounds, or maybe do something drastic with your hair, or clear your acne up, does not mean you are any less worthy of embracing who you are right this every minute!

    In order to enact the change you wish to see, embracing yourself now is critical to help motivate you to make those changes. Think about it this way: if you don’t care about yourself, or what happens to you, do you really think you’re going to have the drive to make the changes you want to create for yourself?

    Affirming your self worth is absolutely essential to progress in your emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical, development!

    So, does mirror talk make you a crazed, self-absorbed, narcissist? No!

    Mirror talk can help you embrace a healthy perception of yourself, when you are prone to loathing every waking aspect of your entire being. And no, you don’t have to wallow in self odium everyday to benefit from mirror talk and daily affirmations. Reminding yourself of your worth is not limited to those with self esteem issues!


    14 Daily Affirmations

    Bring on the mood boosters! Here is a collection of daily affirmations you can say to yourself throughout the day. You don’t need to say them in any particular order, nor one physical space. Feel free to make yourself feel wonderful at home, out and about , in the office- and anywhere else your confidence needs a boost!

    14 Daily Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem: Yes, You Are Beautiful! image

    1. I create safe sacred space wherever I roam. Where I am, I am home.


    1. I am as beautiful as the people around me. I am strong, independent, and capable of making the changes I want to see.

    1. I am worthy of my love and self respect. I will remember to love myself.


    1. I will embrace those around me and accept their love.


    1. I will take responsibility for the energy I contribute to this room. I am brimmed with happiness and eternal joy!


    1. I am blessed for the people in my life, and I will work to share in theirs.


    1. The things I do not like will melt away when my mind is set to purpose.


    1. I can achieve anything I set my mind to. My will is stronger than my fears.


    1. I embrace the universal love at my continual disposal, and channel positivity inward.


    1. (For pet owners) I will love myself as (insert pet name here) does. For
      I am loved by her without ulterior motives.


    1. I am the master of my own fate, and I choose to Live.


    1. I will tackle every obstacle before me, and it shall fall under my might.


    1. I have the power to construct the reality I’ve always dreamed of. Nothing is lost or out of reach.


    1. I am beautiful. I am love. I will give love and receive in kind. I am a new beginning.

    What are some of your own affirmations?

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