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Drug Rehab Center in Tallahassee

Tallahassee Drug Rehab Center Brings Relief to Florida’s Capital

Like much of Florida, the capital city of Tallahassee is experiencing an influx of ‘Molly’ and other designer drug use. Molly is reportedly the 3rd most confiscated drug in the city, ranking below marijuana and cocaine. While the ultra-concentrated form of ecstasy began making circuits in the club scene, it is quickly invading the streets and ruining lives. The dangers of even a single use are enough to keep most from indulging, but those who experiment with the ultra popular drug can quickly find themselves addicted as it is often combined with components of methamphetamine and codeine. The effects of a “bad trip” are splattered across our screens with stories of people dying due to adverse effects or as a direct consequence of their actions during use.

Have you found yourself wandering the dangerous path of drug addiction? A drug rehab center in Tallahassee can help you regain control and break free from the deadly grip of addiction.

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Drug Rehab Centers in Tallahasse Don’t Focus on Personalized Treatment for Patients Like Harbor Village Does

An ever increasing influx of designer drugs and super concoctions makes treating the specifics of substance abuse a difficult, on-going battle. Where other Tallahassee drug rehabilitation centers focus simply on the detoxification aspect of treatment, Harbor Village uses a two- part plan to not only break the hold of addiction but remedy the underlying issues associated with drug abuse. Through our facility, you can expect to learn to recognize not only physical temptations but the emotional or mental triggers that cause addictive behavior.

As opposed to attempting abstinence detoxification alone, a drug rehabilitation center in Tallahassee offers the support to succeed. By seeking help through a Harbor Village facility servicing Tallahassee, you will receive medically-aided treatment to negate the adverse effects of withdrawal as well as group dynamic therapy. Our psychiatric staff will teach you life management skills to counteract the urge to use illicit substances and diminish the likelihood of relapse. In addition, patients in our program have the choice of an inpatient services at our luxurious, private campus, flexible outpatient services, and intensive partial hospitalization rehabilitation recommended for those suffering from chronic addiction or addiction coupled with mental illness.

Services provided to all patients include:

  • Access to a spa, salon, and full gym
  • An array of therapies including group relapse therapy, art therapy, and family therapy
  • Life coaching guidance with planning the steps for post-rehab life
  • Referencing to the best sober living communities for additional support following the completion of your program

Sobriety Can Be a Reality with Help from a Drug Rehab Center in Tallahassee

Through a Tallahassee drug rehabilitation center you can finally realize your full potential. Regardless of the duration of your addiction or the number of times your attempts to live soberly have not been successful, Harbor Village can help you reach your goals. The earlier treatment begins, the better your chances of achieving lifelong sobriety.

Don’t throw your life away. Find the support you need to live the life you desire. Call Harbor Village now to begin your road to recovery.

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