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Drug Rehab Center in Port St. Lucie

Knowing When to Get Treatment at a Drug Rehab Center in Port St. Lucie Will Save Your Life

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get treatment for a raging substance use disorder. If you’re like the millions of other Americans who are struggling with addiction it’s not too late to get help for a heroin, opiate, methamphetamine, cocaine, or other addictive substance use disorder! When you enroll into treatment with Harbor Village, you’re ensuring your future will be 100% drug free! Unlike other drug rehab centers in Port St. Lucie, Harbor Village completely eliminates the underlying causes of addiction, sparing you the heartache and potentially fatal event of relapse.

Understanding relapses is essential in preventing them, that’s why we have specialized relapse prevention therapy. Our full spectrum addiction center provides the entire echelon of drug rehabilitation care, so you’ll never have to relocate during therapy treatment. We’re here to help you overcome the hurdles addiction throws at you every step of the way. During intensive one-on-one treatment with our specialized addiction counselors, you’ll learn how to stop the behavior allowing addiction to continue.

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Waiting to Get Help from a Drug Rehab Center in Port St. Lucie Can be FATAL

Many don’t get the chance to complete drug treatment because they’ve waited too long to get the treatment they need. Unfortunately those who attend other Port St. Lucie drug rehab centers are at risk to incur fatal relapses without the proper training and therapy. At Harbor Village we ensure our clients are administered safe medically assisted drug treatment to safeguard them through the process of detoxification and rehabilitation. As you complete addiction treatment you will be weaned from medically assisted drug treatment at your own pace.

We’re here to ensure you recover completely, and medically assisted drug treatment is three times more likely to prevent a fatal relapse and overdose than other abstinence based treatments. If you’re concerned about swapping one addiction for another, you never have to worry about hat with Harbor Village, and here’s why:

Because we treat the underlying causes of addiction, and not just the symptoms of the disease, our clients are empowered to say NO to addiction forever, because we attack the heart of the condition! Harbor Village allows you to recover in confidence!

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Call Today to Get the Addiction Treatment You Need from a Port St. Lucie Drug Rehab Center

Harbor Village serves those looking for addiction treatment in Port St. Lucie and throughout the entire state! We accept most major forms of insurance, and help those connect to resources for coverage if they don’t have any! Take advantage of our 24 hour help hotline to connect with our addiction specialists who will help you create fully individualized treatment plans and admit you within the same day!

At Harbor Village you will enjoy the following:

  • 24 Hour Medical and Psychiatric Monitoring
  • Group and Intensive, One on One Therapy
  • Full Access to Spa, Salon, and Gym
  • Lush, Outdoor Recreational Area
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Weekly Facility Events
  • Daily Gourmet Meals
  • Gaming Parties
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