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Drug Rehab Center in Pensacola

Pensacola Drug Rehab Center Can Help You Beat Addiction

For people living in the Pensacola area, the increasing drug problem can seem daunting and hopeless. Designer drugs like Flakka, Spice, and Molly are tainting the streets, drawing more and more people into the vicious grip of addiction. What was once just a bit of fun and adventure becomes an obsession and a physical craving that needs to be satisfied just to function day to day.

If you are experiencing the throes of drug addiction and need help to reclaim your life, a drug rehabilitation center in Pensacola can give you the support and treatment you need.

Drug Rehab Centers in Pensacola Offer Personalized Programs

Treatment through other Pensacola Drug Rehab Centers is limited and restrictive in your options of programs. There is no singular way to treat addiction and the deep rooted causes for addictive behaviors. Treatments that are not tailored to the needs of the clients may fail, which is devastating and discouraging. Harbor Village, serving Pensacola and all of the United States, personalizes all treatment plans to find what works best for you. With an array of options available and 24 hour access to an attentive, caring medical and psychiatric staff, Harbor Village is dedicated to ensuring your success in leaving a life of addiction behind.

Harbor Village’s Drug Rehab Center of Pensacola offers medically assisted treatment through the detoxification process to relieve the adverse effects of withdrawal. Clients also have access to group dynamic therapy as early as this stage to begin a double-pronged approach by both ridding the body of toxins and addressing emotional and social triggers to addictive behaviors.

Beyond those services, Harbor village offers:

  • Art therapy, intensive and group relapse therapies, and family therapy
  • Holistic treatments such as meditation and guided meditation
  • Access to a spa, salon, and gym
  • Weekly events such as zoo trips, sporting events, and game days
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Drug Rehab Center in Pensacola Makes Your Long-Term Recovery A Priority

Where other drug rehab centers in Pensacola end their services with the completion of treatment, Harbor Village works to assure your recovery lasts a lifetime.

It only takes 0.33 seconds of exposure to a visual trigger to cause someone in recovery to relapse. Group Relapse Therapy through Harbor Village focuses on the opportunity to start again rather viewing relapse as a failure. With the support of a well-trained and caring counseling staff and people experiencing the same struggles, you will learn to acknowledge better manage the emotional, psychological, and physical stimulants that lead to addictive behavior.

Life coaching services are offered to help guide you through decisions concerning the next stages of your life. Our staff can help you procure housing, continue your education, or receive job training. We also have references to reputable sober living communities for those who would like assistance transitioning from the facility to back into society. With the assistance of a drug rehab center in Pensacola, you can lead the life you’ve dreamed of rather than coping with the disease of addiction.

Don’t wait until for the worse to happen. Contact Harbor Village now and save your life now.

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