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Drug Rehab Center in Orlando

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The Sunshine state is not immune from the devastating heroin and opiate epidemic sweeping through the nation. Now more than ever it’s imperative to get the help you need to overcome drug addiction and substance use disorders before it’s too late! Overdose death rates are on the rise in North Florida, and cities like Orlando are taking the brunt of the death toll. It has never been more dangerous to let drug addiction continue defining your life. Harbor Village helps drug addicts and users recover seamlessly through our intensive, and all encompassing drug addiction treatment programs.

Unlike other drug rehab centers in Orlando we take the time to help you understand the underlying causes of addiction which perpetuate addiction. Harbor Village gives you all the tools you need to crush addiction at the source and forget about your past, and move on to a lucrative, drug free future!

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Avoid the Painful Detox of Other Drug Rehab Centers in Orlando and Come to Harbor Village!

Many who are in need of lifesaving drug addiction treatment often go without the treatment they need to reclaim their lives from addiction because they’re afraid of the drug detoxification process. Approximately 44 people die everyday from a preventable drug overdose as a direct result of not getting help. Don’t become another statistic and get the help you need to triumph over addiction!

At Harbor Village our drug detoxification is easy and pain-free, because we use the safest medically assisted drug treatment to stave off the signs and symptoms of withdrawal. You’ll never have to be bed ridden during inpatient medical detox with us, because we understand what you need exactly when you need it.

Don’t wait to get help! It only takes one time to fatally overdose, and then it’s over. In drug detoxification treatment we help you to learn how to manage addiction from the ground up. Through intensive cognitive behavioral therapy and group dynamic therapy we’ll zero in on the underlying causes of addiction and eliminate them entirely! Other drug rehab center in Orlando only treat the signs of addiction. We go the extra mile and treat both the outlying and underlying symptoms of addiction because we never want you to have to fear relapse after you graduate from our comprehensive drug rehabilitation programs!

Orlando Drug Rehab Centers Can’t Help You Like Harbor Village Can

If you’re confused about what type of drug addiction treatment you should enroll in, Harbor Village will help you map out an entire treatment program within the hour! All you have to do is call to start changing your life today. Harbor Village is dedicated to helping those with untreated drug use disorders recover faster than other drug rehab centers in Orlando. We accept clients from Orlando, and ensure treatment is always smooth and empowers you with the ability to overcome addiction entirely!

Enroll with Harbor Village in confidence and enjoy the following treatment options and amenities of our full spectrum addiction treatment center:

    • Drug Inpatient Medical Detox
    • Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation
    • Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation
    • Partial Hospitalization
    • Sober Living Community Residency
    • 24 Hour Medical Monitoring
    • Daily Gourmet Meals
  • Lush Outdoor Recreational Area
  • Semi-private Rooms
  • Weekly Facility Events and more!

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