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Drug Rehab Center in Fort Lauderdale

Finding Help at a Fort Lauderdale Drug Rehab Center

Skip the rum barrel – getting help for drug addiction has never been more imperative. In the Fort Lauderdale area in particular the popularity of deadly addictive substances like heroin and flakka are plaguing headlines. Leaving addiction untreated often results in a fatal overdose, which is entirely preventable with the right treatment and help. Harbor Village is a drug addiction treatment center specializing in providing entirely customized treatment programs for those in the throes of addiction. Unlike other drug rehab centers in Fort Lauderdale, Harbor Village is dedicated to treating the underlying causes of addiction and empowering clients to rise above the disease. During treatment those afflicted with the disease of addiction learn how to effectively manage their moods and relinquish old habits enabling addiction to continue.

Addiction is a race against the clock.

Your next hit can be your last.

During treatment we’ll help you overcome withdrawal entirely with safe medically assisted drug treatment- but we don’t stop there. Harbor Village is one of the only addiction treatment centers in South Florida which employs group and intensive therapy as early as inpatient medical detox. We believe in attacking addiction from its source early on, because we know your time with us is precious. The faster we can help you return to your family and loved ones without the weight of addiction, the faster you can get on with your life after addiction. You can get your caricature done by Mickey Clean when you complete treatment.

Harbor Village ensures graduates from drug rehabilitation are equipped to tackle life outside of recovery. Our life coaching services help those newly recovered attend job training programs, progress in their careers, secure continuing education, and find safe, reliable housing.

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Don’t Wait to Triumph Over Addiction with a Fort Lauderdale Drug Rehab Center

Put the drink down and go to Laspada’s Instead

Waiting to get treatment from an accredited drug rehabilitation center can be life threatening and result in a preventable overdose death. Many who wait to get help don’t attend rehabilitation; in fact, only one out of ten people with a substance use disorder will get the help they need. Harbor Village cuts through the stigma of addiction treatment and helps clients recover in safety, and mends the bonds between patients and their loved ones.

During rehabilitation you’re encouraged to participate in family therapy, where we help to mend the bridges which may have been damaged over the course of your untreated substance use disorder. Families suffer from the weight of addiction as much as those with the disease do. We help to educate your loved ones about the true nature of addiction, and provide you with counseling, advisement on how to move forward, and explicit instruction about detecting a possible case of relapse and enabling behavior.

Prevent Relapse and Start Over with a Drug Rehab Center in Fort Lauderdale

Harbor Village provides full scale addiction treatment to the entire region of Fort Lauderdale and beyond. Understanding relapse is the best way to prevent it. Our classically trained addiction counselors will help you to avoid situations and circumstances which foment relapse. During treatment you will learn how to become an effective communicator, identify the underlying causes of addiction, and fight back against them entirely.

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