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Drug Rehab Center in Clearwater

Find Your Path to Sobriety with Harbor Village Drug Rehab Centers in Clearwater- You Don’t Even Have to Leave the Beach

If drug use has taken control of your life and you need help getting back to yourself, Harbor Village services the Clearwater area and the entire United States! Where other drug rehab centers in Clearwater are limited and offer few options, Harbor Village features individualized programs to better ensure your lifelong sobriety. Our facilities are state-of-the art, with full access to a spa, salon, and full gym. Patients receive continuous medically-assisted treatment while exploring and remedying the emotional and mental issues associated with addiction. Most importantly? We go to the beach all the time. You’ll feel like you’re at home.

Jazz & Drug Rehabilitation Center in Clearwater Will Save Your Life

We know rehab is more than the physical treatment of the body. Our program offers music therapy with our acclaimed instructor- and she knows her Jazz.

Inpatient clients recover wholly and serenely in the comfort of our semi-private rooms under 24-hour medical and psychiatric care. With both holistic and traditional treatments available, yoga and meditation sessions are provided as well as intensive, group, family and art therapies. Gourmet, nutritious meals and physical fitness services provided ensure a whole-body healing process and improve your health and overall chances of long-term recovery. Patients also have access to life coaching for guidance into post-rehab life such as continuing education, job training, and securing housing.

Partial hospitalization services are intended for those suffering from addiction complicated by a mental disorder. This recovery program is specially tailored to fit the needs of a dual-diagnosis patient by remedying the outerlying symptoms of addiction while also assuring the underlying illness are properly treated.

Outpatient clients seeking to recover from the disease of drug addiction but have obligations outside of the facility can enjoy the amenities of the the South Florida campus while remaining free to return to work, school, and home life. Such patients would report to the private grounds three to five times a week for testing and continued medically-assisted treatments administered by our medical staff. This option is not recommended for those suffering from chronic addictions. However, if you are unable to commit to inpatient treatment, this alternative will begin your journey to a happier, healthier life of sobriety.

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Enjoy Life and Go Back to the Cleveland District with Help from a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Clearwater

Life is too short to waste behind the film of a drug-addled mind. Embrace all that a life free of drug dependency has to offer. Your future is bright and clear with the help of Harbor Village’s Drug Rehabilitation Center. Choose us over other Clearwater Drug Rehab centers. We make sure you’re 100% free from the threat of relapse before your leave.

Our staff is attentive, caring, and waiting to help you on the path back to you. With group therapy beginning as early as the detoxification stage of treatment and group relapse therapy available for those in need of a second chance, Harbor Village is here to ensure you stay on the right path. We have the resources to aid you beyond treatment as well, with references to the best sober living communities to reintegrate you into society at your own pace- unlike most Drug Rehab Centers in Clearwater. Harbor Village services all of the United States, so you can get treatment where you no matter where you are in the country.

Don’t hesitate – contact us now and begin your journey to a happier, healthier, sober life.

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