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Looking for a Drug Rehab Center in Melbourne?

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Harbor Village is a full scale drug addiction treatment center offering the entire spectrum of addiction treatment including detoxification, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, and induction onto sober living communities. Only one out of ten people struggling with addiction will get the help they need to overcome the disease. In central Florida in particular the heroin epidemic continues to claim lives at rapid rates; the longer addiction remains untreated, the more likely a fatal overdose to occur.

Without treatment overdose causes permanent brain damage and impairs one’s motor abilities. Knowing when to get help is just as important as seeking help. Harbor Village is a full spectrum addiction treatment center accepting clients from the entire state of Florida and beyond. Unlike other drug rehab centers in Melbourne, Harbor Village begins cognitive behavioral therapy as early as inpatient medical detox. We believe getting to the crux of addiction’s roots as soon as possible helps clients overcome the disease faster.

With the right treatment and guidance addiction can be a memory of the past; all you have to do is know when to reach out for help. Harbor Village provides clients with 100% personalized treatment programs and helps those struggling with the disease to relinquish behaviors and penchants allowing the manifestation of addiction. During treatment clients work hand in hand with our classically trained addiction professionals to eliminate the tendrils of addiction once and for all.

Harbor Village provides treatment for the following substance use disorders and beyond:

  • Heroin Addiction Treatment
  • Opiate Addiction Treatment
  • Cocaine Addiction Treatment
  • Cannabis Addiction Treatment
  • Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment
  • Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment and more!


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Get Help for Substance Abuse Sooner Rather Than Later with a Melbourne Drug Rehab Center

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Some believe getting professional help is only necessary for those struggling with chronic cases with addiction, and although it is critical to get help to allay the physical and psychological dependence of chronic addictive disorders, getting treatment for substance abuse in its earliest stages can help cut addiction treatment costs and prevent permanent damage in the long run.

Waiting to get addiction treatment can mean the difference between overdosing and recovering entirely. Our personalized addiction treatment programs are designed to address each client’s unique circumstances. Reaching out for help is the first stage in tackling addiction, relapse, and the underlying causes of the disease.

Other drug rehab centers in Melbourne only treat the topical signs of addiction, giving rise to relapse. Harbor Village addresses addiction in its totality and eradicates the chances of relapse, while treating withdrawal quickly and painlessly.


Get Help from a Melbourne Drug Rehab Center Today

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If you’re ready to tackle addiction head-on, call Harbor Village today! Our friendly addiction counselors are here to guide you to the right treatment program 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Harbor Village believes addiction treatment should be a positive and memorable experience. We offer a host of amenities to make your addiction treatment experience life changing and lively:

  • 24 Hour Medical and Psychiatric Monitoring
  • Group and Intensive, One on One Therapy
  • Full Access to Spa, Salon, and Gym
  • Lush, Outdoor Recreational Area
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Weekly Facility Events
  • Daily Gourmet Meals
  • Gaming Parties


24/7 CONFIDENTIAL HELP NOW(855) 767-8285 Call Us or Chat With Us

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