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Alcohol Rehab Centers Tallahassee

Don’t Live Your Life Buzzed- Call Alcohol Rehab Centers Tallahassee for Help

As a college town and notorious party spot, Tallahassee’s growing alcohol abuse is an unfortunate side effect of the city’s culture. Though the city council is working to change Tallahassee’s reputation as a party destination, that does not deal with the thousands of people experiencing the adverse effects of a hard-partying lifestyle.

Hangovers and bleary eyes become muscle spasms and debilitating migraines; a few drinks to loosen up turns into a bottle just to make it through your morning routines. If your solution to stress or emotional turmoil is at the bottom of a shot glass, it’s time to seek help. Find an alcohol rehabilitation center in Tallahassee and start your recovery now.

Tallahassee Alcohol Rehab Center Prioritizes Your Road to Recovery

Committing to a rehabilitation center can be difficult, especially if past attempts to quit drinking have been unsuccessful. Going it alone is dangerous and seems nearly impossible, and past failures through other facilities can be discouraging. However, where other Tallahassee alcohol rehab centers try to force you to fit their “type A” program, Harbor Village understands that addiction is a disease that manifests differently depending on the individual.

At Harbor Village your treatment plan is specific to you. Choose rather inpatient, outpatient, or partial hospitalization care is best for your recovery. Our attentive medical and psychiatric staff offers 24 hour monitoring through your medically assisted detoxification to answer questions and address any concerns you have. Begin group dynamic therapy as early as the detoxification stage of treatment. Therapy options such as group relapse therapy, family therapy, and art therapy allows you to tailor your program to best suit you.

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Alcohol Rehab Center in Tallahassee are Waiting to Help You

Where people who have never battled against addiction may think “going cold turkey” and abstaining from alcohol use is a simple fix to a minor problem, we at Harbor Village understand what an undertaking it can be. Not only is alcohol one of the most grueling and dangerous substances to detox from, relapses for those who are alcohol dependent are especially dangerous due to decrease tolerance. Alcohol rehab centers in Tallahassee are equipt to not only address the physical effects of alcohol withdrawal but also help you learn the life management skills you need to leave alcohol dependency behind. Let Harbor Village demonstrate our dedication to you and your commitment to sobriety.

Beyond the services of other Tallahassee Alcohol rehabilitation centers, Harbor Village allows you to recover in the lap of luxury with amenities such a spa, salon, and gym. Weekly events and entertainment services add to the relaxing atmosphere. Life coaches can help you plan beyond completion of your program by guiding you through returning to school, getting job training, and securing housing. If you require additional support, Harbor Village has references to top quality sober living communities to help you stay on track.

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