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Alcohol Rehab Center in Palm Beach County

Looking for an Alcohol Rehab Center in Palm Beach County?

Are you or a loved one currently searching for an alcohol rehab in Palm Beach County? Look no further, Harbor Village is the place for you! We are a luxury rehab treatment facility based in the South Florida area, but we open our doors to people in need from all across the region, state, and country. We recognize the extreme need for addiction and recovery treatment services in South Florida, as a result we aim to provide our comprehensive treatment services to as many people in need as possible. We aim to make a difference in the drug epidemic which has been sweeping South Florida for decades. If you or a loved one are currently experiencing an alcohol use problem, we want to help you save your life!

With Harbor Village you are in safe hands, your complete and successful recovery is guaranteed. Be brave and make the decision to get sober today!

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Knowing When It’s the Right Time to Seek Treatment from an Alcohol Rehab Center in Palm Beach County

There are a variety of signs and symptoms associated with addiction, however there are some specifically associated with alcoholism. Below we have listed some of the more common signs and symptoms which have been associated with alcoholism:

  • Frequently having slurred or agitated speech
  • Physical indications of declining health such as weight loss, hair loss and malnutrition
  • Experiencing more frequent infections and illnesses due to declining health
  • Frequently smelling alcohol on the breath and clothing
  • Keeping hidden stashes of alcohol or stealing alcohol to satisfy cravings
  • Being under the influence of alcohol at school or work
  • Only hanging out with individuals who abuse alcohol or who condone excessive drinking
  • Using alcohol as a means to relieve stress, anxiety, sleeping difficulties and other stressors
  • Being dishonest or denying the presence of a drinking problem
  • Consuming alcohol under dangerous pretenses such as drinking and driving, operating heavy machinery, caring for young children, or other situations which require alertness
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when alcohol use has been reduced or stopped abruptly
  • Tolerance for alcohol requiring increased amounts of alcohol to achieve the same effects

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the symptoms or signs listed above, now is the time to seek treatment at an alcohol rehab in Palm Beach County. You can be assured Harbor Village will provide you or a loved one with quality treatment for alcoholism at our luxury treatment facility.

Call our 24/7 helpline today to get started on your path to recovery!

Get Started On Your Path To Recovery Now with a Palm Beach Country Drug Rehab Center

We want you to know that you have the power to leave your drinking problem in the past and we want to help you accomplish that goal. Don’t continue to prolong your drinking problem, get started on your path to recovery now! The longer you leave your problem untreated, the worse the consequences are.

Escape the alcoholism and recover your life from addiction today!

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