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Alcohol Rehab Center in Miami

Harbor Village Takes Pride In Being The Best Alcohol Rehab Center in Miami

Harbor Village is proud to be the best alcohol rehab center in Miami. Our patients’ satisfaction and successful recovery are our highest priorities and what sets us apart from other alcohol rehab centers in Miami. We implement the use of the most effective treatment approaches to ensure our patients achieve a complete and long lasting recovery from addiction. Not only do we work with our clients to treat their addiction in the now, we educate our patients with the skills and techniques for adopting new and healthy behaviors and attitudes for a long-term recovery. Your addiction will be treated on every level, including addressing the root of your addiction. We are passionate about helping save as many lives from addiction as possible, therefore we offer services for a multitude of drug use problems including addiction and drug abuse. If you or a loved one are seeking to be treated at the best alcohol rehab in Miami, Harbor Village is the place for you! Give us a call today to get started with your successful recovery.

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We Use The Most Effective Treatment Approaches at Our Alcohol Rehab Center

At Harbor Village we understand that one single approach is not effective in treating addiction. We follow expert advice and implement the use of a combination of treatment approaches including the following time tested methods for successful, long term sobriety:


This approach has been found to be effective, it is primarily used to treat symptoms of withdrawal, restoring normalcy in brain functioning, preventing relapse and combating against cravings. Our classically trained professionals only administer the safest medically assisted drug treatment to date.


This effective approach implements a multitude of behavioral therapy treatments such as individual cognitive behavioral therapy, group dynamic therapy, and family therapy.

We primarily use psychotherapy and medication as our main component of treatment, however we also supplement these approaches; with additional treatment options to achieve complete healing and recovery, we include these supplemental approaches:

Yoga and Meditation

This approach has been found to be complementary in helping addicts relieve stress during their course of treatment. Yoga helps control breathing, calm the mind, and improve concentration, focus, and patience. Meditation allows for clients to create peacefulness granting individuals with the opportunity to get in touch with their soul and spirit.


Addiction generally causes malnutrition and chemical imbalances within an individual’s body. Implementing a nutrition regimen during treatments restores the body’s balance of various nutrients.

At Harbor Village we subscribe to the philosophy that in order to successfully recover from addiction, the mind and body must be healthy. In response, we implement various approaches that promote whole body healing. If you are looking to receive an effective treatment that is designed to promote healing within the whole body call Harbor Village today!

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