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Alcohol Rehab Center in Melbourne

Finding Treatment from an Alcohol Rehab Center in Melbourne is Easy

As one of the leading killers in the United States, alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs to leave untreated. Many who abuse alcohol forget the substance is a depressant drug. Because of its addictive properties alcohol use disorders are common, and many never get the help they need to overcome alcohol addiction. Those struggling with alcoholism often become estranged from their families, friends, suffer at work, and may sustain financial hardship. In addition to personal problems incurred from alcohol use disorders, those struggling with alcoholism may run into trouble with law enforcement for public intoxication, lewd acts, or illicit behavior conducted while under the influence.

Untreated alcohol use disorder foment the development of permanent brain damage and many health conditions, including several types of cancers. Chronic kidney and liver failure are common among alcohol addicts, and are often left untreated- resulting in premature death. Getting treatment for alcohol use disorders is just as imperative as getting help for drug rehabilitation.

If you’re ready to overcome the throes of alcohol addiction, Harbor Village is here to guide you every step of the way! We offer the full continuum of treatment from the expanse of our treatment facility so you’ll never have to transfer to a new addiction center for help. Our classically trained addiction specialists will help you understand the underlying roots of addiction and confront them at their source. Other alcohol rehab centers in Melbourne only scrape the surface of addiction, but we’ll help you uncover all of the hidden traumas fomenting the disease.

In addition to rooting out the causes of addiction, our clients are empowered to communicate effectively and manage their emotions of depression, anger, self loathing, and anxiety. If you’re ready to take your life back from addiction, the time is now!

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Don’t Wait to Get Help from a Melbourne Alcohol Rehab Center

If you’re hesitating about getting treatment for an alcohol use disorder, don’t wait! Addiction is a race against the clock and can cause permanent physical and psychological damage if left untreated. Those suffering from alcohol use disorders lose 10,000 more brain cells than those who drink within the FDA’s alcohol drink allotment. Eventually alcohol use disorders severely impair memory function and eradicate one’s ability to create new memories.

Harbor Village begins the treatment process as early as inpatient medical detox, because we know establishing an early foundation on which to grow upon for continuing addiction treatment is essential to preventing relapse and recovering faster.

We don’t just stop at the traditional means of treatment; Harbor Village couples venerable holistic healing with traditional medicine to treat the mental, physical, and emotional health. The following amenities are staples within Harbor Village’s individualized treatment programs:

  • 24 Hour Medical and Psychiatric Monitoring
  • Group and Intensive, One on One Therapy
  • Full Access to Spa, Salon, and Gym
  • Lush, Outdoor Recreational Area
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Weekly Facility Events
  • Daily Gourmet Meals
  • Gaming Parties
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