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Alcohol Rehab Center in Daytona Beach

Alcohol Rehab Center in Daytona Beach Offers a New Lease on Life

Alcohol dependence is a demon that haunts millions of Americans everyday, yet statistics show that 50 to 90 percent of people will relapse after attempting to regain a sober lifestyle. This is especially true among people who attempt to do so without the assistance of a licensed alcohol rehabilitation facility or medications that lessen the effects of alcohol withdrawal. Few alcohol dependent people know that the symptoms of withdrawal are among the most severe when they attempt abstinent or “cold turkey” detoxification. When attempting sobriety, an alcohol rehab center in Daytona Beach offers the safety of medical supervision and emergency response if necessary. Harbor Village goes one step further.

Unlike other drug rehabilitation centers in Daytona Beach, Harbor Village gives you access to 24-hour medical and psychiatric monitoring as well as medical-assisted treatment to negate the effects of withdrawal on the body. Additionally, patients begin group dynamic therapy as early as detox, allowing them to begin dissecting and remedying the social, mental, and emotional ties to addiction. With this two-pronged attack on alcohol dependency, the chances of relapse decrease exponentially in comparison to a solitary attempt of recovery.

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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Daytona Beach Don’t Use Our Personalized Approach

Whereas other rehab cents in Daytona Beach treat addiction in a cookie cutter manner, Harbor Village recognizes this approach is not only ineffective but discouraging to those who have attempted rehabilitation before. The staff of our facility takes the time to determine what treatments will work best to assure your success. With an array of different therapy options and services that also deal with your physical and mental health, Harbor Village is not only a drug rehabilitation center, but a campus dedicated to improving you as an complete person.

Clients may choose from any combination of traditional programs such as intensive, group, family, and art therapy as well as holistic treatments like meditation, and guided yoga practices. Clients looking for treatment an an Alcohol Rehab Center in Daytona Beach may also choose the basic structure of their program by either choosing inpatient, outpatient, or partial hospitalization (recommended for patients suffering from addiction complicated by mental disorders) programs. In addition to programs directly aimed at the healing process, our facilities offer full access to a spa, salon, and gym. Weekly events and chauffeuring to and from the campus offer a chance to enjoy the new life sobriety has to offer.

Second Chances Begin With Daytona Beach Alcohol Rehab Center

Harbor Village understands recovery is a lifetime journey. Support does not end when you leave our alcohol rehabilitation center of Daytona Beach. With group relapse therapy available to those in need of starting their paths again, we encourage you to see relapsing as a second chance to get it right, not failure. Intensive therapy is available for those suffering from chronic addictive behavior or addiction coupled with mental illness. For those needing additional support after release from the facility, Harbor village offers referencing to sober living communities for transitioning back into society at your own pace to ensure your success.

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