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Alcohol Rehab Centers

Get Help for Alcohol Use Disorders with Harbor Village

Harbor Village goes above and beyond to provide clients with the treatment for alcohol use disorders they need to change their lives forever. Employing combination treatment, Harbor Village cuts to addiction faster and digs deeper than other alcohol rehab centers. With Harbor Village patients learn how to effectively manage their feelings which allow addiction to continue and manifest. Extensive counseling allows clients to directly confront the underlying roots of addiction and redress problematic behavior at the source through cognitive behavioral therapy. Harbor Village hand crafts unique treatment plans for each client, as to address the complexities of each client’s individual addiction experience. Other alcohol rehab centers don’t provide their clients with the thoroughness of genuine TLC Harbor Village is known for.

Don’t risk your life in the hands of other alcohol rehab centers, Harbor Village is accredited by the Joint Commission, and provides clients with an environment of rejuvenation and healing no other facility can match. Because we offer the full spectrum of alcohol addiction treatment clients never have to relocate to continue healing after alcohol detoxification. We provide the pinnacle of intensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, allowing clients to continue treatment without interruption or complications of finding a new treatment center.

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Other Alcohol Rehab Centers Don’t Give Clients the Freedom to Avoid Relapse

Harbor Village helps clients prevent relapse after graduation by establishing a healthy regimen for medically assisted drug treatment at the induction of treatment if needed. Our alcohol detoxification process is effective, safe, and supported with combination therapy to cut the cravings for alcohol and to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. We don’t want to see you back after treatment! Which is why we endeavor to empower you with the tools to properly manage clean and sober living after you graduate from our 24 hour clinically supervised facility. By completing extensive group and intensive therapy, you’ll learn how to manage your emotions and say NO to cravings and triggers.

By helping you to completely redress your underlying feelings of anger, self loathing, depression, and anxiety, we help you to eliminate the pangs of relapse. In addition to extensive treatment, our addiction counselors will guide you through medically assisted drug treatment until completion. We’ll help you monitor your medically assisted drug treatment, and adjust your regimen over time to coincide with your growth in alcohol rehabilitation.

Recover from Alcoholism with Harbor Village Today

Enrolling in other alcohol rehab centers will compromise your long term recovery. Many clients who enroll in programs which rely solely on abstinence based treatment relapse and overdose quickly. Make the decision that will save your life today and forever by choosing Harbor Village. We will walk you through the doors of sobriety and help you stay sober for a lifetime. We accept most major insurances and will help you make the best decisions for your recovery. Our treatment facility offers the following services and amenities to help you recover in comfort and luxury:

  • Full Access to Spa, Salon, and Gym
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Semi-private Rooms
  • Netflix and Xbox Consoles
  • Weekly Facility Events
  • Exclusive Tickets to Home Games
  • Gaming Parties
  • Movie Nights
  • Barbecues
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