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Spanish Track Program

Harbor Village provides comprehensive addiction treatment in Miami.

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As the substance abuse epidemic continues to impact the entire nation, the growing Spanish-speaking population remains one of the most underserved when it comes to recovery efforts. In an attempt to bridge the gaps within the addiction recovery community, Harbor Village offers the Spanish Track. This approach incorporates the same proven medical detox and therapy methods as other Harbor Village treatment programs, offered in Spanish to ensure all clients receive the most effective care for long-term recovery.

Harbor Village strives to provide the highest quality of care to clients from all areas of the United States. Licensed and fully accredited by the Joint Commission, Harbor Village is dedicated to providing the guidance necessary to achieve a clean and sober lifestyle. Through medical detox residential inpatient treatment and beyond, we focus on developing positive life skills and coping mechanisms to replace harmful habits. Our addiction recovery specialists are knowledgeable and prepared to meet the individual needs of each client.

What is Medically Assisted Detox?

Harbor Village offers high quality detox methods to remove the physical dependency aspects of addiction without undue stress and discomfort. Under the careful guidance and 24-hour monitoring of our medical professionals, clients are able to safely cleanse the body of harmful toxins and chemicals related to drug and alcohol abuse.

On average, detox at Harbor Village lasts about 7 days. All detox regimens are personalized to address any and all concerns. The nursing staff at Harbor Village is available around the clock and fully capable of managing pre-existing medical conditions as well as symptoms of withdrawal. Our staff doctor is also on call 24/7 for consultation.

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Therapy Options at Harbor Village

Through an individualized approach designed to help each client address the underlying causes of addiction, including trauma and co-occurring mental health disorders. Therapy options include:

  • Interactive Journaling Exercises: express and explore past traumas and motivations.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: learn to recognize and correct harmful behaviors.
  • Life Coaching: build skills applicable in real world situations.
  • Psychoeducation: learn about co-occurring mental health disorders and their treatment.
  • Mindfulness Exercises: learn to monitor one’s own behaviors.
  • Trauma-Informed Groups: delve into the underlying causes of addiction.
  • Gender-Based Therapy Groups: address the gender-based issues one encounters during recovery.
  • Optional 12 Step Programs: regimented approach to recovery which benefits those in need of structure.

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