Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization imageHarbor Village’s Partial Hospitalization Program
At Harbor Village we aim to cater to each of our client’s unique needs which is why we offer a variety of treatment programs. Our partial hospitalization program was comprehensively designed to effectively treat addiction, while accommodating our patients who are in need of structured treatment but do not require 24/7 medical supervision and attention. We recommend this program to those who are able to tolerate a less intensive structure, in addition to having a strong support system and safe housing already in place. This program was designed to provide our patients the flexibility of receiving adequate support, education, treatment services, and medical supervision within the allocated hours for our program, and returning to the dwellings of their own home at night. The daytime is generally considered “trouble hours” for recovering addicts, therefore we provide our patients with highly structured treatment during those hours to help prevent relapse in addition to providing treatment and support. Our partial hospitalization program has similar structure to our residential drug rehab and outpatient rehab programs, Patients participate in therapeutic groups, structured activities, and educational seminars. In this program we aim to promote the restoration of complete recovery in order for our patients to function within society. Our team of classically trained medical professionals and addiction specialists work closely with each patient in our partial hospitalization program to ensure they’re receiving effective treatment, education, and support.

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Partial Hospitalization imageBenefits of Harbor Village’s Partial Hospitalization Program

There are many benefits associated with our partial hospitalization program, the most important benefit is the assurance that you will receive the treatment, support, and education you need for a successful recovery from addiction!  Our Partial Hospitalization program is also beneficial because of it’s therapeutic approach, which promotes growth and change, ultimately enhancing your chances of achieving a successful and lifelong recovery. During enrollment in our Partial Hospitalization Program, our patients are taught to understand their addiction and its triggers, effective coping skills, relapse prevention techniques, and social and developmental skills to help clients reestablish normal functioning in their everyday lives and society.  Some of the benefits of our Partial Hospitalization Program includes, but are not limited to:


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Whether you have just completed inpatient medical detox and are transitioning into your next step of treatment or if you’re looking for an ideal program that will allow you the freedom to receive treatment by day, and return home by night – then this is the program for you! If you or a loved one are looking to benefit from Harbor Village’s Partial Hospitalization Program, please call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable admissions counselors about getting started!

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