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Detox and Withdrawal of Phenazepam

Detox and Withdrawal of Phenazepam

Many don’t get the help they need for phenazepam addiction because they are afraid of having to undergo the withdrawal process. Withdrawal is a period your body goes through once it is recovering from the abuse of drug and alcohol addiction. In the case of phenazepam, when your body goes through withdrawal after suffering from mild to chronic addiction to the substance, your body must adjust to living without the presence of the substance- and sometimes those effects are unpleasant.   Withdrawal lasts for about one to two weeks, but on average most spend about ten days in detox recovering from the effects of withdrawal. With a trained medical and addiction staff on board recovering from detox is a synch! Many don’t know medically assisted drug treatment helps to allay the symptoms of withdrawal, thereby making the process of detox painless and exceedingly helpful to get one’s life back on track by planning out measurable goals of sobriety.   But what’s the point of detox, exactly?   Detoxification’s ultimate goal is to purge the body of phenazepam entirely to promote the healing process. To break the body’s physical and mental addiction to addictive substances a cleansing is needed- and that’s exactly what detox is.  

How Will Detox Help Phenazepam Addiction?

  By relinquishing one’s dependence to phenazepam recovering users and addicts are able to move beyond addiction and begin living their lives productively. Detox helps start this process by eliminating phenazepam from your biological system- as to restore normal functioning and address any permanent damage which may or may not be apparent during the course of initial detox treatment.   Detox is critical for recovery because withdrawal is addressed during this period. Many who attempt to detox at home fail to stop using phenazepam because they are without the resources to quell the signs and symptoms of withdrawal. Detox ensures one stays on a path of recovery, because medical professionals monitor patients 24 hours to guide them through the process of withdrawal, making sure they always have a safe, clean, and successful detoxification.   [get-help]  

What Is the Detox Process?

At Harbor Village our detox is a bit different than the typical proceedings of many other drug and alcohol detox center. In many other detox centers the detoxification process is limited to a finite number of days (typically a week), patients are medicated for the symptoms of phenazepam withdrawal, and they are ushered into the next step of rehabilitation.   Harbor Village goes the extra mile and not only helps clients recover painlessly, but we offer group dynamic therapy during the expanse of detox to help clients begin establishing their social skills early on to help them succeed in the rest of their phenazepam addiction treatment.   Because of the effects of phenazepam and the symptoms of use, we believe is critical to help clients understand the underlying causes of addiction early on. When compared to their peers who had to wait to undergo therapy later on in their treatment, those at Harbor Village performed better overall faster.  

Withdrawal Symptoms from Phenazepam

  Overdose and toxicity from phenazepam is possible with continued use- and especially during a botched at-home detox session. Here are the following signs of phenazepam withdrawal, which can be completely eliminated with treatment:  
  • Restlessness, inability to get comfortable
  • Inability to sleep
  • Acute anxiety and paranoia
  • Muscle spasms
  • Psychosis
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, touch, and smell
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Death in severe cases
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