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"At Harbor Village, we are dedicated to helping your loved ones reach their full potential."
Michael B.
Chief Operating officers

Michael Boland is the Chief Operating Officer of Harbor Village Detox Center. As such, he is responsible for the overall supervision and support of the staff and clients. His duties include deescalating conflicts that have been advanced to his level of authority, ensuring the safety of all persons present at the facility, and coordinating events and trips for clients.

Yanio Brunely MSN, APRN, FNP
Chief Medical officer

Yanio Brunely MSN, APRN, FNP, Harbor Village’s Chief Medical Officer, is the man with a plan. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and 20 years of experience, Yanio is courteous and professional while also demonstrating a compassion and altruism that lends well to his field of work. Level-headed and even tempered, Yanio supervises the nursing staff, and all medical undertakings as directed by Dr. Carlos Satulovsky.

Cynthia Ingram
Community Resource Specialist

As the Community Resource Specialist at Harbor Village, Cynthia Ingram is responsible for the coordination of care for each client following completion of our inpatient residential treatment program. Ingram assesses clients goals and post-care needs, helping them to choose the options for their next step in recovery. Beyond securing outpatient programs which fit each client’s needs, Cynthia assists with housing needs, seeking employment, and other means of solidifying the early stages of recovery

Carly Carbone
Case Manager Supervisor

Carly Cabrone is dedicated to the ongoing success of each of our clients. As the Case Management Supervisor at Harbor Village, she works to ensure clients receive the proper level of support throughout the recovery process. Carly and her case management team are responsible for overseeing client progress along their individualized treatment plans, managing groups, supervising client calls, and assisting with managing external affairs. Carly is also responsible for providing administrative support to keep client records up to date and accurate.

Andrea Horwitz, LCSW
Clinical Director

Andrea Horwitz is a graduate of Barry University and the Clinical Director at Harbor Village. With over 25 years of experience in the recovery industry, Andrea is instrumental to the full continuum of care for our clients, providing structured guidance in the implementation of treatment modalities and adherence to protocol for our mental health care staff. Horwitz enforces collaboration across all departments to meet each client’s individual needs, monitoring client progress and addressing treatment needs as they arise.

Eny Torres
Nurse Supervisor

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Nova Southeastern University, Eny Torres is responsible for directly overseeing the daily responsibilities of the nursing staff at Harbor Village. Driven and compassionate, Torres oversees the detox intake process including client medical record and history review and initial assessments to help develop the client’s personal regimen. Eny and the nursing staff also manage doctor’s appointments and address relevant pre-existing health conditions.

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