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“Harbor Village knows understanding the origin of abuse is as crucial as breathing.”

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Harbor Village is governed under the belief addiction is a disease as quantifiable as diabetes. Our efforts to help family members and loved ones understand the true nature of addiction forges us forward to help our patients reconnect with their loved ones after drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We enrich the quality of existence of our recovering patients by rejuvenating their passion for life in our environment of healing.

We believe recovery is an intimate process between our classically addiction specialists and patients suffering from untreated substance use disorders. Harbor Village provides the pinnacle of affordable healthcare for all socioeconomic members equally. We know understanding the origin of abuse is as crucial as breathing.

Harbor Village makes an emotional investment in each of its patients to ensure every recovering victim receives the intensive care we would expect for ourselves. Hand in hand, Harbor Village guides its patients in the battle to triumph over the disease of addiction.

Self medication is often overlooked by the industry. It is not enough to treat drug addiction alone. Substance abuse is a symptom of hidden despair. We help our patients unravel the confusing turmoil causing abuse.

Healing with Harbor Village

With Harbor Village, patients are given the respect and recognition they deserve. We believe everyone in need of addiction treatment is capable of achieving their full potential.

Employing our professional and caring staff, Harbor Village pledges to painlessly guide patients through the trials of withdrawal. Addiction treatment is only effective when each patient is given a customized recovery regime, based on their unique level of addiction. We make sure you never feel like a number.

Core Values of Harbor Village

Harbor Village is committed to providing the apex of detoxification and rehabilitation treatment. We pledge to adhere to the following principles of integrity to ensure the continued treatment of our clients:

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Integrity is the core of Harbor Village. We are governed by the sincere desire to change people’s lives for the better. We demand our medical professionals, addiction counselors, knowledgeable technicians, and instrumental directs to adhere to our exceptionally high standards of service. We understand the grueling process of overcoming the disease of addiction is a gauntlet of uncertainty. We promise to always aid your recovery process, and show you the steps of avoiding relapse after treatment.


We know finding an affordable detoxification and rehabilitation programs can mean the difference between receiving treatment and forgoing addiction therapy. At Harbor Village we believe every person suffering from addiction, regardless of economic standing, should have access to the best addiction treatment available.


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Harbor Village is committed to administering the best detoxification and drug prevention treatment. We are determined to make a lasting difference in your life, and we’re with you every step of the way; even after medical detoxification and rehabilitation because we believe in your continued longevity now and forever.


The specialists of Harbor Village remember what it’s like to struggle. Our intrinsic understanding of the disease of addiction plays an active role in how we treat our patients. You’re never a number; you are a soul to be celebrated, saved, and revered for your unique beauty.


Harbor Village’s inpatient treatment rehabilitation serves the highest good. We have an open door policy, and want our patients to assume the same ideology. Discovering the cause of abuse requires absolute honesty when assessing yourself, and we hold ourselves to the same standards of transparency.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, call us today at (855)767-8285 and get the help you need. We’ll guide you every step of the way, one day at a time.

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