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Recovering from Opiate and Heroin Addiction is Easy with Harbor Village Detox’s Fool-Proof Miami-Dade County Heroin Detox Treatment Programs


If you’ve suffered from heroin or an opiate addiction you know what it is to feel hopeless. Heroin addiction develops quickly and often without warning, especially when patients become addicted to opiates from trusted pain medications prescribed by medical doctors. A small pill-popping habit quickly turns into an unending heroin addiction rife with overdose deaths, risks of HIV infections, and loneliness. We know addiction is a physical and mental disease; we will never make snap judgements based on your addiction. Addiction is a treatable disease, and does not define your character, nor bar you from achieving greatness in your life. Harbor Village Detox recognizes this potential in all of its patients recovering from drug and alcohol substance use disorders. If you’re a South Florida resident our Miami-Dade county heroin detox programs are designed specifically to whisk you away from your life of heroin and opiate addiction.

As soon as you step into our lush luxury, family-oriented inpatient medical detox center you’ll know you belong. Our 24 hour medically monitored facility will help you understand the underlying causes of addiction, and help you breathe new life into the hobbies and passion you used to love, by confronting the addictive habits restricting you from moving beyond addiction. Harbor Village Detox is one of the only Miami-Dade county heroin detox centers employing cognitive behavioral therapy as early as detox treatment. We also give patients the opportunity to participate in group therapy sessions. Reestablishing social ties with the community around you and creating new bonds with residents committed to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction will help you recover faster than if you were left on your own.

Everything we do is intended to establish a solid foundation on which to build upon your subsequent addiction treatment. We don’t waste time treating the surface signs of addiction, we delve deep to discover the untraveled bourns of addiction, resolving laden traumas left unaddressed for years. Our addiction specialists will walk you through the transformative process of confronting your underlying wells of anger, resentment, depression, and anxiety.

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Don’t Become Another Statistic, Go Harbor Village Detox for Our Miami-Dade County Heroin Detox Program!


During the last three years heroin related overdose deaths have tripled across the nation. Heroin is often laced with other addictive substances which cause fatal overdoses frequently. It only takes one time to overdose. For the sake of yourself and your family go to Miami-Dade county’s heroin detox treatment to redress the throes of addiction at its source. Our drug rehab center in Miami provides patients with a safe environment. Our award winning addiction professionals will teach you how to stave off cravings for heroin and opiate derived substances, and give you the life skills you need to combat addiction when depression, anger, and anxiety test your resolve to sobriety.

Uncover the secrets of sobriety with Miami-Dade County’s Heroin Detox treatment programs. Call Harbor Village Detox today to save your life tomorrow! Call right now (855) 767-8285

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