Symptoms of Meth Addiction

What Are the Symptoms of Meth Addiction, and Why Do People Become Addicted? 

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With methamphetamine being such a highly addictive stimulant drug, it is not uncommon for meth users to began abusing the drug which often results in a meth addiction. There are many factors which weigh into meth becoming an object of addiction, but there are three key factors which have a role in meth’s long term effects. One may be predisposed from genetic addiction (which is one of the attributes which makes addiction a disease). Another facet of addiction is one’s environment and the presence of methamphetamine. Coming from backgrounds where drug addiction and abuse is common, one easily assumes the same role in their life- likely missing out on the all important abilities to help manage stress and cope with trauma without the help of addictive substances. The effects of methamphetamine addiction can be permanent and cause life long problems.


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Symptoms of Meth Addiction

Symptoms of methamphetamine use problem includes:

  • Loss of control over methamphetamine useSymptoms of Meth Addiction image
  • Experiencing health related-problems  in relation to drug use
  • Using meth to “feel normal” or escape life’s stressors
  • Loss of interest in activities which were once enjoyable
  • Decreased appetite
  • Dry Mouth
  • Shaking and tremors
  • Preoccupied by methamphetamines
  • Extremely dilated pupils and sensitivity to light
  • Deterioration of physical appearance and personal grooming habits
  • Abrupt mood swings
  • Being deceitful and dishonest to conceal drug use
  • Exhibiting drug seeking behaviors
  • Decline in performance at work and/or school
  • Decline in personal hygiene
  • Borrowing or stealing money to support meth habit
  • Desire to cut down and making unsuccessful attempts at reducing or stopping drug use
  • Keeping stashes of meth to satisfy cravings cravings
  • Missing or misplaced shoelaces (generally used to tie off injection sites)
  • Having paraphernalia and tools for administering methamphetamine (needles, razor blades & etc)


Physical Symptoms of Meth Addiction

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You can also recognize a meth addiction by means of one’s physical appearance. If you’re lead to believe that you or a loved one may be suffering from a methamphetamine use problem, the following signs are common physical indicators of meth abuse and addiction:


  • Skin Picking 

    Individuals who heavily use methamphetamine are notorious for picking at their skin. The marks caused by skin picking are similar to extreme acne cases, which often results in open sores on the face


  • Skin Crawling 

    Meth addicts are also notorious for experiencing feelings of crawling skin


  • Tooth Decay 

    Meth addicts generally suffer from a condition known as “meth mouth” which is characterized by decaying teeth and tooth loss


  • Hair Loss 

    Heavy meth use can lead to lack of nutrients in the user’s body in addition to ingesting dangerous chemicals, as a result hair breakage frequently occurs leading to significant hair loss

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  • Nasal and Breathing Problems

    Snorting meth can cause extreme dryness in the body’s mucous membranes and cause nosebleeds.Those who use the drug in freebase form tend to experience chronic bronchitis, smoker’s cough, and damaged lungs

  • Meth Overdose 

    A red-flag of meth addiction is suffering an overdose from methamphetamine.


If you recognize multiple signs and symptoms listed above in yourself or a loved one, seek professional meth addiction treatment and recovery immediately. Harbor Village is readily available to provide you with comprehensive addiction treatment for methamphetamine addiction and abuse. Give us a call today!


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