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Revival: The Addiction & Self Discovery Magazine

Welcome to Harbor Village's Addiction Magazine!

We want your best addiction and recovery stories. Whether it's about your own experiences or someone you loved who has, or still is, struggling with addiction, we'll help you tell your story to the world! Submit your personal stories, recovery essays, self-help articles, studies on addiction, poetry submissions, artwork, and anything else you can think of related to addiction and recovery!

Your submissions will be considered for inclusion into Revival: The Addiction & Self-Discovery Magazine. You will receive publishing credits, a chance to guest blog for our website, and priority over other submissions for future issues. Feel free to submit multiple entries. Please inform us if the work has been published elsewhere. First Direct all questions to .

How to Submit to Revival Magazine

Please submit all work and queries to Please copy and paste text submissions into the body of your email, in addition to your attachment-- if applicable. Submit multiple submissions in ONE email.
First & Last Name
Include a pen name if applicable.
Contact Information
Include an alternate email if different from your submission email and phone number.
Indicate Type of Work Submitted
Art, poetry, short story, personal essays, etc. Specify if your work fits into our editorial calendar specifically.
Title of Submitted Work

Short Bio
Tell us about yourself and your experience with addiction. Include a photo.

Editorial Calendar for Magazine Submissions

Here's a breakdown of Revival's editorial calendar for 2016. Although magazine submissions do not need to adhere strictly to these themes, thematic submissions will take priority.



New Beginnings & Life Management



Sober Summer Fun & Anger Management



Super Stress Busters, Finance Smarts, & Forgiveness,



Recovery Month, Addiction Stories: Victory & failure, & Relapse Prevention



Mental Health & Co-Occurring Disorders



Physical Wellness, AIDS, & IV Drug Use



Sober Holidays, Silencing Demons, & Self-Forgiveness