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The Effects of LSD

What Are the Effects of LSD?

  LSD is a commonly abused hallucinogen, as such, one of the most telling signs of the substance is its ability to induce hallucinations which seem real. Those under the influence of LSD cannot discern hallucination from reality and may become violent, paranoid, and endanger themselves and others. Chronic LSD use which remains untreated often causes permanent mood disorders, and increases one’s anxiety. In a nutshell, LSD initially gives users feelings of pleasure and euphoria, but with extended use, the drug becomes the source for anxiety and paranoia. Although physical dependence to LSD is not possible, the psychological effects of LSD can be long lasting, and permanent in some cases. Those attempting to get help for LSD addiction avoid physical withdrawal, but go through the mental and psychological aspects of the process in detox for LSD. LSD is known for its ability to make users more open to sharing their emotions and feelings, but the substance quickly turns those feel-good emotions into a whirlwind of continually fluctuating moods. LSD may cause permanent brain damage without treatment, and cause problems for the rest of your life.

Permanent Damage Caused by LSD

  LSD adversely affects the way the brain communicates with the rest of the body, specifically with the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. With continued abuse, these receptors are permanently damaged and create chronic behavioral disorders and mood conditions including:  
  • Flashbacks
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Intensifies Existing Mental Health Problems
  • Development of Self-Harm Behavior

LSD and “Bad Trips”

  Bad trips are common among LSD users. A “Bad Trip” occurs when one consumes LSD and begins feeling paranoid, anxious, and terrified for no apparent reason- which is the exact opposite effect most users of LSD are hoping for. Bad trips can last for hours, and in unusually severe cases, days. During a bad trip users experience terrifying hallucinations, and lose touch with reality. They may become violent in response to their hallucinations, but are typically frightened of people who approach them. Chances of having a bad trip increase when LSD is consumed while depressed, angry, or otherwise uncontent. Those suffering from a bad trip with be exceptionally sensitive to light, sound, and touch, and may be inconsolable. Bad trips may become severe and require medical attention, in which case 911 should be called immediately. Unfortuntaely, this is among the common symptoms of LSD addiction.  

LSD’s Effects on One’s Social Environment

Many users who become addicted to LSD change their behavior drastically to accommodate their addictions completely. In terms of their social environments, LSD users seclude themselves to only hang out with other users, who may introduce them to other addictive drugs and specifically hallucinogens. LSD is typically used in groups during dancing, raves, nightclubs, and parties. Profuse LSd use may interfere with personal relationships, work performance, academic performance, and sometimes takes the place of other hobbies and wholesome activities.  

LSD’s Legal Effects

  LSD is a controlled substance, and is therefore unlawful to possess, consume, manufacture, or sell. Those who actively take the drug make themselves targets of the law, and may be incarcerated as punishment.   [get-help]

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