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5 Quick Sobriety Tips for Every Monday Morning

  • 5 Quick Sobriety Tips for Every Monday Morning

    5 Quick Sobriety Tips for Every Monday Morning

    Say it isn’t so! The drudgery of the new week begins in the typical sluggish Monday blues, but they don’t have to be that way. Transform the way you think about Mondays by adapting new sobriety goals! Sobriety is a lifelong journey with many twists and bends- you have to continually position yourself to achieve little victories along the way to your ultimate goals! Try these fast sobriety tips and mini pick-me-ups to get you through the Monday no one wants to be in!

    1. Plan for Something New!

    Stretch yourself out of your immediate comfort zone, and plan to go do something you’ve always wanted to, but just haven’t yet. Is there an interesting restaurant with live music you’ve been dying to try out? What about a local meetup group, or artsy event at your local boutique? Buy those theater tickets, do something out of the ordinary you can look forward to doing later on in the week- or tonight!

    5 Quick Sobriety Tips for Every Monday Morning image15 Popular Sober Hangouts You Can Find Anywhere

    2. Reflect on Your Sobriety Progress

    If you keep a recovery journal, look over the last dozen entries and compare them to how you’re feeling right now. Are there any sore spots you want to address? Are you entirely happier than you were a couple of weeks ago? Set goals, and don’t forget to celebrate your mini victory! If you don’t journal, maybe you can start, or look into making a sobriety scrapbook– you can do that on Mondays!

    3. Eat for Sobriety!

    Remember our talk on nutrition for addiction? Have you been eating specifically to help combat cravings? If not, take a look at our guide to help you plan your meals for this week. Even if you choose one day to have a “sober dinner,” that’s better than nothing! Every week you can plan to incorporate one more “sober eating” day! (Don’t forget about the possibilities of lunch.)

    4. Center Your Physical and Spiritual Self to Tackle the Week

    5 Quick Sobriety Tips for Every Monday Morning imageTending to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is essential to your overall health and sanity to get through Mondays! Take a few moments and concentrate on your breathing. Visualize in your mind what you want to accomplish for the week, and jot down any impressions you receive and contemplate them mindfully. Your subconscious may want you to take heed of something!

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    5. Take Baby Steps Towards that Project You Keep Putting Off

    Doesn’t it seem like we’re always chasing the ideas buzzing around in our heads, without putting much effort into making them come alive? Why not plan to make some headway on your thought babies this week? (I’ve got tons of writing projects I’ve been neglecting!) Sit down and make a quick To-Do list, try to jot down ten different tasks, to make your work small, manageable, and easily attainable. If you work in chunks, your projects won’t seem like massive undertakings, even if they are!

    And there you have it, five sobriety tips to give a little sparkle to your Monday blues!


    Do you have any of your own sobriety tips?


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