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Symptoms of Ketamine Addiction

Symptoms of Ketamine Addiction

Substance abuse is often the result of inner and outer turmoil which is not readily resolved. Ketamine addiction is just like any other addictive substance, in that it provides an escape for those struggling with unaddressed trauma. Although ketamine is intended for use as an anesthetic in veterinary offices, ketamine is commonly abused, and used as a means of incapacitation. Ketamine is known for its dissociative properties, and renders those who take the substance, or who are drugged, unable to remove themselves from potentially harmful situations.   The effects of ketamine are not long lasting, making zeroing in on potential addictions among family and loved ones difficult. Ketamine is readily available in Mexico, and some frequent the country to obtain the substance cheaply.  

Red Flags of Ketamine Addiction

  Ketamine addiction takes on many forms and shapes. Being familiar with the many faces of ketamine addiction is important to help your loved one get help before ketamine abuse turns into a full blown case of chronic addiction. Because of the nature of ketamine’s environment, it’s common for ketamine to be abused in conjunction with other potentially dangerous addictive substances. Without proper detox from ketamine overdose from ketamine is more likely. First take a look at the initial signs of suspicion, and try to zero in on ketamine should odd changes in behavior which do not seem to have an explanation manifest, such as:  
  • Uncharacteristic sedation
  • Confusion
  • Impaired learning or thinking ability
  • Dilated pupils
  • Slowed breaking
  • Fluctuating blood pressure
  • Delirium
  • Presence of white powder or hypodermic needles
  • Track marks (Needle marks)

Behavioral Signs of Ketamine Addiction

Because ketamine affects both the mind and body, the substance will create marked behavioral signs of abuse and ketamine addiction. The following list is a good indicator something may be awry, but is not intended as an exhaustive list to document the full spectrum of ketamine addiction. Take into consideration the following behavioral signs of ketamine addiction to help draw conclusions of what addictive substance your loved one may need help beating:
  • Slurred speech
  • Increased tolerance for pain
  • Inability to problem solve
  • Numbness
  • Unprovoked violent reactions
  • Restlessness

Psychological Signs of Ketamine Addiction

  Ketamine is mainly known for its psychological influences. As a hallucinogen, some of the symptoms of ketamine addiction are similar to other substances in the same class, which can make identifying the source of the addictive substance difficult. Refer to the following psychological signs of ketamine addiction to help you identify possible ketamine addiction:  
  • Chronic mood swings
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Easily distracted
  • Detachment from environment
  • Hallucinations
  • Undue panic
  • Inability to control impulses
  • Flashbacks
  • Phantom skin sensations

Lifestyle Signs of Ketamine Addiction

  Although there are measurable psychological and physical symptoms of ketamine addiction, the lifestyle detriments of ketamine addiction may vary, depending on your unique living circumstances. As a sedative, ketamine will make you less attentive to your family, loved ones, and responsibilities. Because of the cognitive impairment ketamine produces, decreased performances professionally and academically are common and may result in job loss or failure of academic workloads.  
  • Divorce
  • Continually chasing ketamine
  • Needing to take more ketamine to get high
  • Developing a tolerance for ketamine
  • Financial strain
  • Run-ins with the law
  • Deterioration of professional and academic performance

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