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‘Supernatural’ Star, Mark Sheppard, 26 Years Of Sobriety!

  • ‘Supernatural’ Star, Mark Sheppard, 26 Years Of Sobriety!

    ‘Supernatural’ Star, Mark Sheppard, 26 Years Of Sobriety!

    If you haven’t realized by now, I really enjoy writing redemption stories about celebrities. I think sometimes they get a really bad rap and there’s so much pressure on them to be perfect 24/7 that we forget they are human. Sometimes we’re so desperate to find a slip-up, we look past their humanity- whether it’s celebrity rehab, accidental pregnancies, altercations with other celebs, or the ever common eating disordersWe grow so used to their career achievements, other equally monumental achievements get overlooked; as is the case with Mark Sheppard. 

    For me, writing about celebrities in recovery is far more rewarding than hounding on their mistakes.

    So! Let’s talk about Mark Sheppard! He’s the go-to man in Hollywood for bringing shifty, morally dubious characters to life- most recently the beloved former King of Hell, Crowley, from the massive hit show ‘Supernatural.’ Hardcore fans of sci-fi television and movies recognize Mr. Sheppard from a number of other roles:

    • Benedict Valda in ‘Warehouse 13’
    • Canton Delaware in ‘Doctor Who’
    • Romo Lampkin in ‘Battlestar Galactica’
    • Badger in ‘Firefly’

    Mark isn’t limited to the Sci-fi fandoms:

    • Curtis Hagen in ‘White Collar’
    • Jim Sterling in ‘Leverage’
    • Ivan Erwich in ‘24’

    Born in London in 1964, Mark entered the entertainment world early, performing musically by the age of 15 and on stage and film shortly after. While he has chosen not to go too in-depth regarding his addictions or recovery journey, he took to Twitter on January 2nd to commemorate a very important date in his life: his sober anniversary.

    With a simple message of “26 years sober today. What a life! #gratitude,” Mark offered a tiny glimpse into his private life to the support of legions of fans. 26 years is nothing to brush off, either, but I understand that Mark is a very private individual. He recently married his wife Sarah, who is expecting their first child in March, but beyond that there’s little information available about his private life.

    He and Rob Lowe are definitely proving sobriety can change everything. In a world full of news regarding celebrities falling off the wagon and doing outrageous things while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, recognizing those who recover from addiction and rebuild themselves is increasingly important. Congratulations, Mark! Here’s to many more happy years of sobriety!

    Featured Image: “Mark A. Sheppard speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International” by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

    What’s your favorite Mark Sheppard role? Let us know in the comments!

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